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Consumer watchdog recalls swathe of children’s toys

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has recalled several games after tests conducted by the authority as part of a large-scale...

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Bringing exotic animals to the mountains, new business opens in Eastern Kentucky

Letcher County, Kentucky (WYMT) - A new and unique project in Letcher County opened on Saturday.L&B Reptiles offers eastern Kentuckians a chance to...

Was That Thanksgiving Turkey Grateful? Why America’s Favorite Holiday Turns So Many People Vegan.

We celebrate a lot of things. Some holidays are more important than others, of course. There are those related to our...

Help save Texas wildlife, donate dog and cat food

The SPCA's Texas Wildlife Center in Houston needs dog and cat food because they tend to care for many late-season infant and adult...

These are our best animal photos of 2021

However, the ghost of humans is never far away. In some of our photographers' most powerful wildlife images, there is an undercurrent...

10 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Global Citizens in Your Life

The holidays are approaching and that means you have to agonize over the perfect gifts for the loved ones in your life. ...

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