🌱Foxcroft Tenants File Lawsuit + Zoo Announces African Safari

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Good morning Oklahoma City! Here’s everything you need to know to start Thursday off right. This is what is happening in Oklahoma City today.

First, today’s weather:

so cold; Breezy High: 25 Low: 13.

Here are the top 3 floors of Oklahoma City today:

  1. The tenants of an Oklahoma City apartment complex filed a class-action lawsuit Tuesday after living without heating for the entire month of September. last year. Residents of Foxcroft Apartments are suing the owners of the complex on six counts of violating the landlord and tenant law. A city spokesperson said the owners had already been fined several times Not obtaining a permit to inspect for mechanical failures and not providing sufficient heat (Kfour, Oklahoma City)
  2. The Oklahoma City Zoo has announced a new travel program to preserve Africa’s safari to Oklahoma to experience the migration of wildlife in Africa. The 10-night deluxe tour through Tanzania will include tours through Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, and Central Serengeti. The zoo will host an information meeting to learn more about the event on January 19. (city guard)
  3. A confectionery company in Oklahoma City reopened after several of its employees contracted COVID-19. Katiebug’s Sips and Sweets closed last week temporarily to clear the building. Business reopened Wednesday after ensuring all employees were tested for the virus. (news at 6)

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Today in Oklahoma City:

  • 2022 Catelmin Conference At State Fair Park (8:00 a.m.)

From my notebook:

  • Oklahoma City Fire Department crews have concluded Two separate lawn fires on Wednesday. With high winds and dry vegetation, all it takes is a spark. (Facebook social networking site)
  • Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden Celebrating chimpanzee keto and robin birthdays this week! Yesterday was Keto’s 35th birthday, and they wish a “late” birthday to Robin, who turns 10 on January 2 (Facebook)
  • Oklahoma City Police Department homicide unit investigators are asking for your help. Investigators are asking anyone who lives in the 64th Street and Villa Avenue area to submit surveillance videos or photos of robbery suspects in that area from the past four weeks. (Facebook social networking site)

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You’re officially in the episode for today! See you all tomorrow morning for your next update.

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