14 Funny Cat Videos to Celebrate National Cat Day

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Love them or hate them (and for the purposes of this article hopefully a first), there is no escaping cats on the Internet.

October 29th is National Cat Day.

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest cat videos you’ll ever watch.

Here are some of our favourites.

14 hilarious cat videos

1. Clock watching

Some owners of cats with an insatiable appetite find timed feeders helpful to prevent overeating.

However, this cat found herself angry and failed to understand why she had to wait another 18 minutes for her next meal.

2. The cat is jealous

This cat wasn’t happy that her boyfriend got a cute video clip instead.

3. Play fetch

Who said fetch was just a doggie game?

This cat totally excels at it, and you get bonus points for a total meltdown at the end.

4. A spoiled cat

We didn’t know there were enough toys for a pampered cat like this.

5. Agility Challenge

While cats may be known for being clever on their feet, not all kitties are created equal.

This TikTok user tested the ability of three of their cats to get around obstacles. Some did better than others…

6. Laughing cat

TikTok user Mason Glace has taught his cat how to laugh.

How long until this cat teaches others and then the whole species can laugh in our faces?

7. Manipulative cat

While many may have started using speech therapy buttons to try to communicate with their pets, no animal has a better understanding of how to use language to their advantage than Winter the Cat.

8. WWE Cat

These two play fighting like real siblings.

This cat needs to be logged into WWE, ASAP.

9. Spa-w Day

After a long day cats, like humans, just want to relax. Chase wasn’t happy when his owner disturbed his quiet spa day.

His happiness was restored only once he put cucumber slices on his eyes.

10. The center of attention

It’s hard for a cat to share the spotlight with a dog.

However, Milo has developed a foolproof plan to make sure he gets his owner’s full attention.

11. The antisocial cat

Just because this cat is on a leash does not mean that she wants to get close to her.

12. The haunted cat

According to this human trapped inside the body of a cat, conspiracy theorists are right, Michael Jackson is alive.

13. Gossip Cat

This cat is for all of us whenever we hear an interesting argument.

14. Lazy Cat

Robotic cat toys are meant to convince your cat to get more exercise.

It is clear that they do not always have the desired effect.

A cat with its mouth open
A cat with its mouth open
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