16 people share their pets’ quirky behavior

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When my old dog Murray really wanted to tell me something and didn’t bark or scratch his hand to get the job done, he would start making sounds that I swear would mimic human speech. Now, I’m not entirely sure he was trying to reach me as a member of my species, but I don’t know how to explain this strange behavior.

It is truly amazing to see our pets cross the imaginary line that separates species by displaying human-like behaviours. But if you’re going to try to explain it to someone who’s never had a dog or cat (or a parrot you’ll see soon) most will probably ignore it.

Therefore, I never spoke to anyone about impersonating my strange but funny dog.

Reddit user DMLorance has created a safe space for pet owners to share their incredible stories in the AskReddit sub-forum.

Pet owners Reddit. What is the strange thing your pet does (past or present) that no one believes when you tell them? “

Here are 16 of the best responses.

1. It’s bedtime

“Every night around 10pm my childhood dog would tell me it was time to go to bed. I could be in the living room watching TV, and she would sit by the entrance and pick up little ‘brides’ until I got up and eventually followed her as she was sleeping in bed. It happened. This is every night of my high school years until the day she passed away at the age of 15. I miss that rude old girl.” – Chipsmari

2. The cat that sleeps like a human

“One of my cats sleeps legitimately in my bed. Turn on my pillow, under the blanket, clutching my chest like a real baby. He’ll spend the whole night like this and get pissed off if I ever stop cuddling him. We sleep with our noses almost touching, and I know when he lifts my nose he wants me.” To hug him tight. It’s weird but cool.” – Dominodies

3. The picky mustache

“My dog ​​refuses to drink from a bowl. We took him to the vet because he was sick, and he turned out to be dehydrated. My dog ​​always has water next to his food, but he never drinks it. We changed his bowl to a regular dish bowl, which we use for soup. Now he drinks from it. If you change it back to a normal dog bowl, he will stop drinking water and get sick. Nobody knows why.” – Hey Bababa

4. Bathroom handstand

“My childhood dog had weakness in his back right leg, so any time he wanted to lift his leg over something to the left, he would just stand on his hands instead of trying to support his weight on the affected leg.

“But wait…there is more. As he started to get older we brought home a puppy who absolutely adore his older brother. Within about a month he had made his way to also doing a handstand when he peed, but for this dog it was just like that. Each time, I guess he thought that was exactly what she was supposed to do.

“Nothing like having two dogs pee in their chest multiple times a day.” – Lovelychanigator

5. The cat that plays fetch

“I have a cat that plays fetch with his stuffed animals. He also gets upset when I don’t throw the stuffed animal far enough, and he loves to chase it down the stairs to the basement.” – Ooba 212

6. The dog that spoke the cat

“I had a toy mix of poodles called Yoda who would meow like a cat if I said ‘Yoda go meow.’ It started like I told him as a joke here and there and one day he really started doing it. He was a good boy.” – T-Rocks

7. Learned Hound

“My dog ​​asks me to read to him. When I sit down reading something, he’ll come over, put his head on the pages, and paw until I start reading to him.” – Sailboat

8. Dog Hall Monitor

“We have a very unique dog that seems to have internalized a set of rules. He is friendly with our three cats, but if he notices them doing something we (humans) correct it because in the past he will take responsibility for it in the future by sitting next to the misbehaving cat and barking at them until they stop.” – ealoft

9. Cat Plumber

“I have another cat who in an old house figured out how to turn the bathroom sink on to get water (it was one of those that push/pull and not spin) and so I always walked around to find the sink turned on. If only he had learned to turn it off.” – Ashleyracheleee

10. Dog security

“My father’s dog designs make alarm systems with his toys. At night before bed he arranges toys that squeak inside doorways and at the top and bottom of stairs. If you move toys around, he waits politely so you don’t look and then places to play again. It never ends. They only matter where they are placed there.It also seems that the toys are chosen for each location on the basis of ease of squeaking and size.The toys that are louder are located inside the bedroom door.

“A final note about placement. If the door is swinging inward, the toy is placed outside the door arch. If it is swinging outward it is right in the middle.” – [Deleted]

11. Watching Binge Dogs

“Our dog loves to watch TV. No matter what she’s showing or who’s watching, she cares deeply about what we’re watching.” – crab

12. Practicing the saboteur

“When I do push-ups, my dog ​​crawls under me and pushes off the ground against my torso, trying to help me.” – coturnixxxx

13. Teach This Cat to Flush

“A long time ago we had a cat that trained itself to use the potty. The cat was outside most of the time, so there’s no cat litter box. He peed and defecates in my little one’s toilet. It still needs to be cleaned. But even so, I consider it cool.” – Faraqi_Mond

14. Airborne Kitty

“I had a cat named Ninja (I nailed her to the name). She loved playing with my touch. She would bring me a toy of my mouse and put it on my lap. Then she would climb up on the reclining chair afterwards for me and get into an attacking position.

I was saying ‘Ninja! are you ready? “She would bend over and get ready and I would have to throw the mouse across the room, but she would get up and pick it up in the air every time. She would do it for hours.” – Ashwilliamsboomstick

15. “Let there be light!”

“I have a cat that knows how to turn a light on and off. It’s one of those twisted-handle lights. He grabs it with its teeth and turns it.” – Forno

16. Jazz Parrot

“I had my parrot just whistle, but sometimes he would compose songs straight up. Nothing spectacular, mostly collecting bits of tunes he liked, but still songs that weren’t there.” – JavierLoustanuau

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