24 Dogs of Christmas Campaign: Meet staffy Flynn who is bound to warm the hearts of all Harrogate dog lovers

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Flynn is looking for someone who will take him on many adventures including holiday walks and coastal trips

Harrogate Advertiser has teamed up with Good Life Dog Rescue for the 24 Dogs of Christmas campaign, which aims to match each dog with loving new owners and highlight the work of the small charity Leeds.

Today, with the support of Yorkshire Dog Training, we share the story of Flynn who needs a new family.

A new Flynn at our charity from a stray local kennel.

It’s full of fun and energy and it’s so beautiful.

Flynn is a happy dog ​​and will need plenty of exercise.

He absolutely loves walks in the woods and playtime.

He gained confidence from arriving in our care a week ago, and now loves the attention and is close to two halves of interaction.

Flynn would suit an active outdoors person who can match his energy and love for the outdoor lifestyle.

We can imagine Flynn going on hiking vacations and coastal trips with an active couple who loves adventure as much as he does.

Flynn is very happy and although he can be a little tough in the lead, he now responds well to directions.

He’s eager to please and you’ve learned that pulling is not the answer and won’t come down quickly.

What is Good Life Dog Rescue?

Good Life Dog Rescue is a small charity based here in Leeds that takes care of the welfare of stray dogs in the UK.

Its founder, Victoria Pasto, is passionate about helping animals that often face an uncertain future.

For over eight years now, she has dedicated herself to helping stray and abandoned dogs in Yorkshire.

The charity raises a high flag for staff and across staff who are often the last to find a rescue spot.

Receive no immediate funding and live off donations and fundraising, without a paid staff and volunteers committed solely to championing the stray dogs you rescue.

Victoria herself has a full-time job so she can partly fund the huge bills she incurred on kennel and vet bills.

As the charity does not have kennels of its own, all dogs in their care are cared for in South Yorkshire kennels.

Kennels are largely a temporary home and Good Life aims to find a fresh start for both dogs and their loving owners as quickly as possible.

Many stray kennels, rescue and re-shelter centers in the UK are full of cuddly, active, healthy adoptable dogs just waiting for someone to love them and offer them a home.

It is important that the right dog matches the right person or family.

In order to find the right dog for their potential owners, Good Life will need to match their lifestyle to that of the dog.

All dogs cared for by the charity are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Home checks and veterinary references are required if possible.

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