7 Things to Do in Kenya That Promise Wildlife Encounters Without Any of the Crowds

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But Reteti Wildlife Sanctuary was created by and for the indigenous community, not as a result of foreign interference. As such, the cultural nuances that affect wildlife conservation can be easily understood and incorporated into programs that help elephants. It takes some planning to get to Reteti, as it requires a charter flight from Nairobi, but the trip is rewarding.

Camp Ole Pejeta Bush

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Lion spotted in Ol Pejeta

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Safari at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The Maasai Mara in Kenya is a popular safari destination, but there have been recent reports of overcrowding. Fortunately, Kenya has several national parks full of wildlife, so there are plenty of other places to see the Big Five. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy is an excellent alternative for wildlife lovers: not only are you likely to see leopards, lions, and giraffes, but you’re basically guaranteed to spot a wild rhino as well. Ol Pejeta is also home to the planet’s last two species of northern white rhino, which can be visited inside the enclosure.

Don’t miss the chimpanzee center in the reserve, too. Although chimpanzees do not naturally live in Kenya, the primates here have been rescued from the pet trade, often trafficked across the country. As a bonus, Ol Pejeta does a lot of community education, making sure Kenyan children become well aware of their natural heritage and the forces that threaten it. Book a stay at Asilia’s Ol Pejeta Bush Camp for an overnight experience in the national park – they can also arrange a rhino visit and other unique experiences.

Climbing Mount Kenya

Mount Kilimanjaro may be the most famous mountain on the continent, but it is not the only mountain in Africa that offers an exciting climb. Mount Kenya – for which the state is named – has three jagged peaks, and climbing to them is an off-the-beaten-track adventure and usually less expensive than climbing Kelley, and undoubtedly less crowded. The different routes (ranging from five to seven days) provide hikers with a challenge while viewing the area’s scenic wildlife. Look out for the gleaming lakes, wildlife, and a mysterious sense of seclusion. African Ascents is a trusted clothing company that takes hikers to the top, and for those who prefer a birding approach to mountain climbing, Tropic Air offers helicopter safaris to Mount Kenya.

Explore the coast

Most visitors make their way to Kenya to discover wildlife on safari or learn more about local cultures, but travelers have recently been adding destinations along the country’s more than 300 miles of coastline to their itineraries. In these tropical waters, you’ll find excellent surfing, kite surfing, and white sand beaches. South of Mombasa, Diani Beach is a great place to snorkel and explore the reef, while Watamu to the north is a destination for surfers of every kind.


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