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Coexistence is hard – like new documentaries The Beatles: come back We reviewed the shows — but not impossible, as the cover story indicates. The writer, who moved from Mumbai to Kodaikanal a few years ago and noticed an increasing movement of elephants in her backyard, was triggered by one question: Is it possible to live alongside elephants? In her animated and beautifully written article, she explains why there is no one simple answer to this question of how humans and animals coexist.

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On some level, it is our relationship to animals, and our desire to humanize them, that helps us make sense of the world – a book from the anonymous storytellers of the Jataka tales to John Berger (Why do we look at animals?(to George Orwell)animals farmNaturalists such as Jane Goodall and Charles Darwin showed us this. They may live in cities and rarely see imaginary monsters, but the books children read are full of animal characters who teach, preach, friendship and amusement. The researchers pointed out that our obsession with animal reels on Instagram is really about anthropomorphism — we’re fascinated by the way we think humans can be despite us being so different, and somewhere they help our understanding of the human experience. Or they just make us laugh. Either way, a world without animals would be very bleak, and like all relationships, we need to work on it.

Coming together out of crisis is something the food and beverage industry has become familiar with over the past 20 months, and one of our stories traces the boom in small food companies and how technology has enabled them. It’s not just about Swiggy and Zomato; Several new, smaller platforms have emerged to suit the needs of small food entrepreneurs and highly sensitive customers during the pandemic. It is also a tale of coexistence and survival.

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