A Profane Crow Made Friends at a Grade School Before Being Expelled

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It’s not uncommon for classes to have visitors from animals, from someone’s beloved dog to a reptile that can offer a science lesson or two. It’s not uncommon for a bad-mouthed crow to befriend in class – but here we are.

According to, Raven became the last student transferred to Allen Dale Elementary School in Grants Pass, Oregon, in November. It seemed that the bird appeared out of nowhere and showed a special interest in the fifth grader, who marveled at his vocabulary. The bird can utter phrases such as “What’s up?” and “I’m fine.”

You can hear the sound of the articulating crow (also from the file Corvus gender) below:

As it turns out, the bird had a name — Cosmo — and an adoptive home in nearby Williams, where he resided on a farm owned by animal rescuer JaNeal Shattuck. According to, “While the family was going for Thanksgiving, they said a neighbor had captured the bird and taken it to a local animal sanctuary. Not realizing it was familiar to humans, the shelter released it, most likely on Grants Pass.”

The Academy of Ornithology fascinated children but was not without some behavioral issues – that is, it cursed like the dialogue written by Quentin Tarantino.

The bird’s presence was enough of a distraction that school officials needed to remove it, which eventually fell to the Oregon State Police wildlife officer. Cosmo evaded arrest attempts before Shattuck was notified of Cosmo’s location. He is lured away and back to his farm environment with the promise of sardines.

Crows are known for their intelligence, ability to recognize human faces and even crafting hook-like tools, among other skills. Like parrots, they can mimic human speech using the syrinx (the vocal organ) but they are not talkative as they are not usually kept as pets. Cosmo is one of the more talkative exceptions.



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