African Dream Foods Wins 2021 Southern Africa Regional Exporter Awards as Buyer Of The Year

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The US-based African-made bidding company announces the award based on its burgeoning work with manufacturing partner Fynbos Fine Foods and regional business alliances

Orange County, CaliforniaAnd December 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/- African Dream Foods (ADF) Announces that it has won the prestigious Southern African Regional Source Award as Buyer of the Year. The party was held this week in South Africa Celebrating the best premium food exporters from the region, African Dream Foods has been recognized as a quality partner that upholds their core values ​​and mission. ADF and all candidates are actively working with partners in the region to create sustainability, growth and best practices in export and trade within South Africa.

The event, described by SAREA as “a celebration of South African brand export excellence”, was organized in partnership with Eastern Cape Development Corporation and supported by USAID’s South African Trade and Investment Centre. Categories included issuer, buyer, trade promotion service, and capital provider of the year. All sauces, salts and seasonings are sourced in the ADF and manufactured in South Africa And exported to the company’s warehouse in Southern California.

David ShamnkFounder and Managing Director of African Dream Foods commented: “It has been great to share these flavors with American consumers and hear their reactions. We are grateful for this recognition and hope it will attract more interest and create more demand for African products in the US and the world. A big thank you to our South African manufacturing partner Fynbos Fine Foods and all collaborators The wonderful supporters, Kickstarter supporters, wildlife photographers and team members who made that dream a reality. In these challenging times, impossible to achieve alone, requires collaboration to push us forward and we are very fortunate to have the support we have.”

Rozelle Abramson, owner of Fynbos Fine Foods commented: “We are extremely grateful to African Dream Foods for their continued support of our company and are proud to provide them with high quality natural products. This collaboration allows us to continue to uphold fair trade principles, ensuring that all of our employees receive training to develop skills, support the education of their children, and advance society in general. It is a great honor. Also to be part of African Dream Foods’ mission to bring these flavors to the United States while supporting African wildlife conservation.”

African Dream Foods introduces an exciting new brand of sauces, salts and spices inspired by the culture and flavors Africa. All products use all-natural ingredients sourced from small farms with partial revenue from all sales contributing to conservation efforts that protect Africa wild animals. ADF’s conservation partners include Wild Shots Outreach and Paws Trails. ADF offers 8 popular sauces, 3 hot salts and smoked spices available in a variety of sizes and travel/gift packs. Buy products from African Dream Foods today at AmazonAnd they Official Web Store or in Select retail locations.

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About African Dream Foods:
African Dream Foods is a purpose-driven food brand of sauces and spices that brings the amazing tastes of natural, healthy foods from Africa to the world. The brand works with farmers, business owners and producers to not only create a delicious produce line but also a brand whose partial revenue directly helps the wildlife conservation groups that are making a difference. Buy online at African Dream Food or through Amazon And Walmart.

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