Amazing Rescue! Deer Saved From Lagoon In Lacey Township

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I think it goes without saying that we have a large amount of deer here in Ocean County, NJ and we have more and more deer in our neighborhoods.

I recently did another ‘wildlife’ article about an increase in Fox Here in the area, it goes hand-in-hand with this story of how a deer was rescued in the town of Lacey.

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When I head to work at four in the morning, I see a pack of deer along my way from Southern Ocean County to Toms River. I see deer in my yard, along local roads, the Garden State Parkway, and even on highways like Route 37. Basically, we see deer everywhere and it’s no wonder they find themselves in trouble.

This story comes from Lacey Township, Ocean County on Thursday. according to 12 . news The authorities had to be called in to help save a gazelle who found himself in a bad situation.

According to the NEWS12 article, Lasy Township Dive Team Leader David Streno said this is happening and deer have been known to roam in lakes and of course this is not a good thing. Members of the diving team managed to convince the deer to get out of the water.

Have you ever seen deer in the Lake District? It must be a scary sight. Deer can swim but high cold water temperature and exhaustion can cause problems for deer.

Thanks to the first responders in Lacey Town for their work and help…Great way 🙂

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