Animal Enforcement Officer Jennifer Lynn George Accused of Abandoning Dog, Leaving It to Die

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A woman who serves as an animal enforcement officer in western Pennsylvania is facing charges of animal cruelty toward her dog after she abandoned it when she moved out of her home.

Jennifer Lynn George, 46, charged with one count of aggravated cruelty to animals causing serious bodily injury or death, animal cruelty, and three counts of negligence, each New Castle News. The case is ironic given George’s job, which would likely require her to investigate cases of animal cruelty, provide humane treatment to animals in her care, and enforce animal welfare laws.

According to the local news outlet, George moved her mobile home in December 2020 due to tax confiscation, leaving behind her German Shepherd.

An unnamed man interested in buying the house recently visited the abandoned property. There, he found the back door open and inside was a dead dog.

The police arrived at the scene, it was reported New Castle NewsAnd, looking out the caravan window, I saw dog poo covering 25 to 35 square feet of living room rug.

The carcass of the animal was placed near the front door of the house.

According to the same report, authorities from the Shinango Township Police Department spoke to George, who was told that the dog could not walk up or down the steps of her house and died of old age.

While staying in her new home, George said she would occasionally bring food and water for the dog. She also told police that she would leave the German Shepherd alone for weeks to months at a time.

According to police documents obtained by the news outlet, George was employed by the Lawrence Humane Society and, at the time of the incident and arrest, was working as an animal enforcement officer.

George has been released on unsecured bail of $10,000 and is awaiting her initial hearing. NEWSWEEK I contacted the Shinango Township Police Department for additional information but did not receive a response in time for publication.

While George’s alleged actions may seem unlikely, these cases, in which an animal welfare worker is accused of causing abuse, do occur.

In October, it was reported that a Florida animal “rescuer” was charged with keeping more than 40 animals in squalid, “deplorable” conditions. According to the authorities, the woman was allegedly using the non-profit animal rescue organization SAFARI (Save A Furry Friend Animal Rescue, Inc.), as a front to sell drugs.

The same month saw reports of animal neglect in a pet hotel and a veterinarian accused of sexually abusing dogs.

German shepherd
Stock photo of a German Shepherd. A female law enforcement officer in western Pennsylvania was recently accused of abandoning a German Shepherd, resulting in his death.
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