Animal Groups Clearing Shelters in Tornado-Affected Areas | Kentucky News

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LOUISVILLE, Ky (AP) — The Kentucky Humane Society of Louisville is coordinating with other animal groups to take pets out of shelters in areas affected by last week’s deadly tornadoes.

The Humane Society is taking animals that have been at an animal shelter in Mayfield-Graves County by storm. The Humane Society said on its website that it wants to make room for stray pets contained in the Mayfield Shelter so owners can be reunited with them and staff can focus on community needs.

Paris, Kentucky, the Animal Welfare Society, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals all helped move the animals to the Humane Society.

The Kentucky Humane Society said it is converting its main facility into a temporary emergency center to house animals from hurricane-affected areas.

The site said the Brandywine Valley SPCA was taking dogs and cats that were housed in the Humane Society of Louisville to shelters in Pennsylvania and Delaware for adoption. The ASPCA is moving cats to shelters in Massachusetts and dogs to emergency shelters outside of affected communities.

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