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Karachi: An animal rights activist who had recently brought to light the plight of four elephants who were in Karachi zoos and safari park, she feared for her life to raise the issue and went to the police for protection.

Filmmaker Mahira Omar, co-founder of the Pakistan Humane Society (PAWS), chirp From Paws handle on December 7th: “So some idiots showed up in my neighborhood the other day asking about ‘the lady who was going to the zoo.’ It had to happen. Months after we petitioned the Indus High Court for a procedure Independent medical evaluation of Karachi elephants, my life is in danger.”

“Supposedly the idiots saw me at the zoo with the fourpawsint vet and now I’m their target. I fear for my family and my private life. I ask President ArifAlvi, the local elected member of the National Assembly, and BBhuttoZardari to look into the matter,” Another Tweet.

Talking to dawn On Wednesday, Ms Omar said she called the SHO office of Al Jazari Police Station and the neighborhood police at the Defense Housing Authority and they increased “security” in her area.

She said the Social Housing Office told her to submit a written request so that the FIR could be submitted and the appropriate legal process could be initiated.

Ms Mahira said that a few months ago Paws petitioned the SHC to draw attention to the plight of elephants at the zoo and Safari park. It was from the considered point of view that veterinarians with experience in treating elephants would do a proper examination of the elephants, and finally a team of veterinarians arrived and examined the elephants.

Omar recalls an incident in which some unknown people came in a car to her neighborhood on December 5 and asked the guard where she was. She said she felt “insecure” and fearful for her life after this incident.

“I live in fear…it was very difficult to help the animals. If anyone tries to draw attention to the plight of the animals, he/she has to face the consequences,” she said.

Posted in Dawn, December 9, 2021

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