Animal rights advocates protest Animal Foundation

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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – Step by step, animal rights advocates have marched to demand a major change for the Animal Foundation, a publicly funded animal rescue shelter in Las Vegas, after exposing poor conditions inside the shelter reported in a multi-month-13 investigation. Long from work news.

13 The investigation revealed conditions within 17 current and former employees who were described as overcrowded, understaffed, and unhygienic.

Speaking before Saturday’s rally, North Las Vegas Mayor Richard Chirico said his tour of the facility was unacceptable.

“I couldn’t imagine as I walked this thing how I would feel, or how I would endure, my dog ​​there,” he said.

Whistleblowers described operations at the animal institution as lack of cleaning, prolonged lack of food and water, and inadequate systems for tracking lost animals.

One family told 13 investigators that their dog, Amir, had been euthanized before they could call a representative to pick him up.

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Bryce Henderson, president of No Kill Las Vegas, leads Saturday’s rally.

“At this point, it became clear that they couldn’t manage their shelter,” Henderson said.

Henderson has called for an overhaul of shelter operations saying ground-level workers are doing everything they can to keep the animals safe, but that clearly hasn’t worked.

“This is a refuge in free fall,” he said. “It’s in complete crisis. Everyone quits. There were eight vets, and now there’s zero.”

The Animal Foundation denied several requests for a camera interview and instead sent a statement saying, in part, that the animal’s health and safety remains a top priority at the shelter and that they are taking steps to improve procedures.

The facility acknowledged that a nationwide shortage of veterinary staff had affected operations.

“Animals are dying because they don’t get proper care,” Henderson said, going on to say that change didn’t come fast enough and he called on elected officials to step in.

“We want our shelter back,” he said. “We want to have a say in our shelter who runs it, who runs it, and if not, let the county and city start their own shelter.”

Since the investigation began in 13 Action News in June, both the CEO and COO of the Animal Foundation have agreed to step down.

Two Las Vegas City Council members, Stavros Anthony and Victoria Seaman, plan to instruct the city manager to open an investigation and review the operations of the Animal Foundation at Wednesday’s city council meeting.


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