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ASHBURN, Virginia – The Christmas decorations in a Virginia neighborhood are not only loved by the area’s residents, but also by many animals.

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Several weeks ago, Donna Eberle installed small cameras outside her Ashburn home, hoping to see if the furry creatures living in the nearby woods would catch on, according to WJLA-TV. She even added a bowl of dry cat food as an incentive.

Wasn’t disappointed.

“I don’t even know how many flash drives are valuable for nature shots (that I recorded),” Eberl told the TV station. “It’s just crazy.”

Crazy and entertaining. The WJLA reported that when the sun went down, the animals came out to peek at the Christmas tree, which was a swinging sprinkler wrapped in a garland and lights.

“It was probably my favorite one night when we had a possum, a skunk, a fox, a deer, a raccoon in the same frame,” Eberle told the TV station.

The WJLA reports that the pictures of April appear to be roughly staged, and several people online have said the same. However, one evening the camera crew stayed home and soon took pictures of a curious fox.

Eberle posted photos on a special Facebook page she created, Animals for Ashburn.

“I’ve always been a huge animal lover,” Eberle told Uplift Loudoun. “When my husband and I moved to Ashburn four years ago, I was so excited to find an abundance of wildlife in our area.

“I started sharing some of their antics on my Facebook profile and after seeing positive feedback from many of my friends, I decided to start sharing my screenshots on Nextdoor and created the Animals of Ashburn Facebook page,” Eberle said. Uplift Loudon. “I hope these posts will not only bring a little positivity to people’s days, but may also serve a greater purpose of inspiring an appreciation for our local wildlife.”

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