Are you willing to get inked to help animals in need?

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The Cape of Good Hope SPCA and Primal Culture Tattoo Studio have once again joined forces to bring animal lovers and tattoo enthusiasts to the highly anticipated 3rd Annual Tats4Tails event from January 24-30, 2022, which will see artists like Craig Lucas return to support this incredible show. because I am.

Many famous Captons have been signed by Clinton Naidoo of Primal Culture Tattoo Studio during the past two events including Zoe Brown, Tanya Nefdt, Ryan Botha and Simon Orgill.

according to Cape of Good Hope SPCAFor the first time ever, pre-booking registrations will be in full swing. If you decide to book, a tattoo voucher that you can personalize for that special someone will be sent to you this Christmas. What better way to spread joy while helping animals in need.

While it is very rewarding to keep the animals waiting for homes happy and healthy, it is very expensive and it costs SPCA R100 per day on average to ensure that one home waiting animal is taken care of forever.

“With a 7cm x 7cm tattoo costing just R700 and with all tattoo proceeds going to the SPCA, having just one tattoo means the cost of caring for 7 animals will be covered for one day or the costs for one animal will be covered for one day,” says Belinda Abraham, spokeswoman. In the name of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, “a whole week of care”.

Primal Culture Tattoo Studio artist Clinton Naidoo says, “I have had the honor of helping you in different ways since 1992,” as he explains how the SPCA has always served him and others in Cape Town.

“Finally, I had the honor of hosting the first Tats for Tails tattoo-a-thon in 2019…I see this as my way of giving back to animals,” adds Naidoo.

Visit the Cape of Good Hope SPCA website for more information on how to obtain ink:

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