Bass From The Beaches and Boats

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and sidewalks.

Even in bays and bays.

Sure enough, the latest autumn streak of jackets is underway, and if the numbers are any indication, save for a flurry of storms and ugly seas, it looks as though the bass will be picking up during December.

Surf surfers in South Jersey and jetty, from Barnegat Inlet south to Holgate and to Atlantic City (Oriental Ave. to Caspian Ave. particularly hot) are finally getting decent shots in lines gorging on the peanut vault that moves below the surf line. Farther north at Ortley Beach, Manasquan and Point Pleasant, Seaside, and down along Island Beach State Park, suds were active with both wheels and a quarry. The batch is now heading south, but it will take a few more days, maybe a week, for some tapes to start picking up around Ocean City to Cape May with any semblance of regularity. Then again, that could change tonight. this season.

Popper, swim plugs, metals, and bucket / grub combos catch high-level bass. These are generally more effective than baits, such as fresh lair or clams at the moment because the fish are chasing prey like the peanut vault, and soon sand eel. Yes, some streakers get caught on the meat (remember the law of the non-displaceable circular hook), but give it another week or so for the bait to really start. And…don’t overlook eel as an effective off-shore bait. Ditto is a jumbo bloodworm.

Boats spend a significant amount of time anywhere from a few hundred yards to two miles until they demarcate three miles. 9’ers (shad or eel), blackie (tube or eel) parachutes, mojos, and weighted swimming shades remain some of the worst offenders. As this was writing early this morning, we got a call from Noel Feliciano at One-Stop Bait & Tackle in Atlantic City that a lightning strike was spurting around Wreck Inlet in Brigantine. Noel reported, “Big fish. The bass to 48 inches. It seemed like it was hard to get the bouncers in the 28 to just under 38 inch range.”

Bayside? Entries?

Mike Cunningham of Sea Isle Bait & Tackle insists that “there’s still a lot of bass in the back, from schools to bouncers,” adding, “It doesn’t seem like the tide or time of day matters at the moment. Use snakes or slick and chances are you’ll catch up.” “.

It’s a successful scenario again, but that’s expected later in the year.

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