Bear Grylls admits he regrets killing animals on hit TV show The Island

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Air Grylls admitted that he regretted killing animals “in the name of survival” on his early television shows.

The adventurer has faced accusations of cruelty for butchering creatures including crocodiles, pigs and turkeys in survival show The Island.

The 47-year-old TV star admitted that far too many animals were killed in the early days of the hit Channel 4 show.

He told BBC Radio 4: “I think in terms of survival and food, certainly in the early days we were killing a lot of snakes and things like that at the same time to stay alive.

“I’ve gotten away a lot from that nowadays. It’s always about finding corpses and bugs and larvae. If you look at historically great survivors, they’ve always been foragers.

“You go after the big game and you take a big risk and you burn a lot of energy.”

Grylls said his view has changed in part due to the emergence of vegetarians and vegans.

“I’ve taken many, many vegetarian and vegan superstars out into the’s been a great adventure and I always respect that a lot.”

The island previously faced heavy criticism from both viewers and animal welfare groups.

During the Celebrity Show from the show, Made in Chelsea star Ollie Luke jumped on the back of a crocodile before being stabbed in the back of the neck.

“I feel it is completely unacceptable to kill or abuse animals for entertainment,” Alan Knight, of the International Animal Rescue charity, said of the incident.

The spokesperson added that the animal “suffered needlessly” because Locke did not have the correct knowledge to kill it “in a humane way”.

Discussing his new autobiography “Never Give Up”, Grylls told the BBC his stance on climate change had changed.


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