byculla: Bjp Seeks Eow Probe As Bmc Dilly-dallies On Inflated Zoo Tenders | Mumbai News

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Mumbai: As BMC has not taken a decision on canceling tenders for construction of new animal enclosures at Pichola Zoo where there is a cost escalation of Rs 106 crore, the BJP has lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police Economic Crime Wing (EOW) seeking a probe.
Last month, BMC requested an explanation from Byculla Zoo officials and Building Maintenance (BM) after bids for the construction of the new batch of animal enclosures at Byculla Zoo led to Rs 106 crore above BMC’s estimate and only two companies submitted bids.
In a complaint filed by Vinod Mishra, a BJP member, with the EOW through attorney Kumal Kandarkar, the BJP alleged the existence of cartels and bid rigging.
BMC recently issued two tenders – one to build new animal pens for Black Jaguar, Cheetah, White Lion, Wallaby, Chimpanzee, Ring Tail Lemur, Mandrill Monkey and Lesser Flamingo. The other is to build exhibits of hippopotamuses, African savannas, Emu, and bird birds. These new enclosures will be built and received from Poddar and Mafatlal Mills adjacent to the Byculla Zoo. While the bidding has been estimated at Rs 91 crore and Rs 94 crore, the two firms bid Rs 146 crore and Rs 145 crore respectively – an escalation of around Rs 106 crore.
“We have shared details of both companies and have asked EOW to file a criminal breach of trust case as even though the companies are offering 15% higher than the estimate, BMC is not canceling the bids. We have asked EOW to find out about the complaint and to file an FIR,” Mishra said. BJP MLA Mihir Kotecha also demanded that the bids be cancelled. “BMC is slow to complain and protect officials who appear to be working for private companies. I will move HC status if bids are not canceled,” Kotecha said.


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