Canada: first cases of Covid-19 in wild animals –

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December 4, 2021

The information was released on Wednesday by the Government of Canada. Several animals have been infected with the coronavirus since the beginning of the epidemic, but this is the first time that cases of infection have been detected in a wild species.

Specimens taken from hunting animals in Quebec, Canada, made it possible to detect Corona Virus. The SARS-CoV-2 Three gazelles were detected, the federal government said on Wednesday, December 1.

Cases confirmed at the end of November

These are the first cases reported in a wild species in the region. The Ministry of Environment said in a statement that the cases were confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s National Center for Foreign Animal Diseases on November 29. This was reported to the World Organization for Animal Health in early December.

‘No clinical sign of disease’

Deer live in the forests of eastern towns. According to the ministry, they did not attend ‘No clinical sign’ from COVID-19. these animals ‘It seems fine’. The Corona Virus It affected many species, including “Farmed mink, domestic animals and animals in zoos”, Since the beginning of this health crisis.

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