Carol Ofori’s old friend, Henry the crocodile turns a whole 121-years-old…

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A ‘Happy Birthday’ celebration at Crocworld will be part of his day…

Carol Ofori's old friend, Henry the Crocodile is 121 years old...
Carol Ofori

A few months ago, Carol Ofori had the opportunity to visit the Crocworld Conservation Center, which is located on the south coast of KZN. She had the pleasure (or not so much if you don’t like crocodiles) to meet the oldest crocodile held in captivity.

The old man’s name is Henry and he just happens to be celebrating his 121st birthday today. First, we just wanted to appreciate that he’s over a century old and still looks good and is still in the entertainment business…I guess there’s no crocodile retirement…

Carol Ofori's old friend, Henry the Crocodile is 121 years old...

Carol Ofori

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“Henry is the oldest Crocworld pottery and the oldest known crocodile in captivity. At 5 meters long and weighing 750 kilograms, Henry’s birthday fodder is not to be missed.” (IOL)

Today the Crocworld Conservation Center will be commemorating Old Henry, at 11am he will receive a birthday present. The coolest part is that the team made it possible for everyone to enjoy the party even if you couldn’t physically attend.

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A digital zoo is now available for those who want to engage in a visit from the comfort of their own home. If you wish to visit via the Digital Zoo, you can do so by visiting their website here.

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Carr came up with the concept of a digital zoo during a tough lockdown when he was trying to keep his daughter entertained.

We are definitely excited about Henry’s birthday and we hope he has a happy and joyful day. We are glad he is receiving treatment all day, everyone should feel special on their birthdays.

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