Cat Surprises ‘Traumatized’ Woman on Toilet With Live Mouse in Wild Video

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A woman was horrified after her friend’s cat decided to bring her a live mouse while she was using the toilet.

Eileen David told her followers on TikTok that she vowed to “never have a cat” after seeing her half pet with a tiny rodent.

She posted screenshots of the stunning encounter on social media platform elind20, with the resulting clip garnering more than 750,000 views.

The clip can be viewed here:

Writing alongside the video, David explained that she first started shooting the video after spotting the cat trying to break through the small rectangular bathroom window.

“I was just trying to get a funny video of her pushing through the window,” she told a follower.

As the clip showed, it soon became apparent that the cat had something in its mouth when it jumped into the room.

“I was in the toilet and my friend cat decided to bring a live mouse,” the caption read.

Coming toward a stunned David, the cat proceeded to drop the mouse on the bath mat, before scratching the injured animal several times, apparently playing with it.

David said the accident “shocked her”. She also asserted that the mouse died later in a development that “reinforced” her decision to “never get a cat,” arguing that she “couldn’t handle them by killing things.”

But while the confrontation may have kept her from owning a pet cat, the shots sparked mixed reactions online.

Many were similarly repelled by the clip. mr_rai94 wrote: “This is why dogs are superior to cats.” Kelly Chien Natas said seeing her was “horrific” while Alison McGuire commented, “I’m going to scream.”

Some users reported similar experiences. Chloe Jane wrote, “My husband’s cat brought a hare home once and threw it under the dining table.” “My cat does that and hunts birds,” Lucas Cooper added.

Others sought to defend the cat’s actions. “Cats do this to tell you they appreciate you,” SidzandSai explained. “It’s a gift from you. Refusing it might annoy them.” Amber Smith agreed, writing: “Cats do this to show appreciation. It’s horrible yes but sweet in its own way.” “At the end of the day, they are natural killers,” added Neil Roach 588.

Nicole Cosgrove of Pet Keen recommends several steps to help reduce the number of dead mice your cat pulls. “Put a bell around your cat’s neck and it will warn prey when your cat comes,” she writes. “It basically removes one of your cat’s greatest weapons: stealth.”

“If you still want your cat to enjoy their time outside but want to prevent animal hunting and killing, limit their time outdoors,” she adds.

She also recommends avoiding bird boxes, which can attract birds and rodents to your garden, and encourage cat owners to play with their pets more. “It could be catching mice and other animals as a means of entertainment,” she explained. “If you play with your cat more, it can satisfy the cats’ desires to go out and chase things.”

Instead, she suggests that there are ways to train your cat to stop this type of behaviour. “When your feline friend brings you a dead mouse, thank him and give him a catnip-scented toy to play with before getting rid of the dead mouse when your cat is distracted,” she said. “Ultimately, your cat may choose to bring you catnip toys rather than dead mouse toys.”

While this specific clip highlights the primal side of life with a cat, there are plenty of examples of cats being cute and playful on the internet.

For example, one cat named Floof recently went viral after a video was posted online showing her dreaming of drinking milk.

In another recent post, a cat named Kitty underwent a dramatic transformation after taking a nap in her owner’s fireplace.

A cat and a mouse and the legs of a woman.
Stock photos of a cat with a mouse and a woman on the toilet. A woman was horrified after her friend’s cat brought a mouse to the bathroom.
Nednapa / gpointstudio / Getty

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