Chickens, ducks, rabbits seeking adoption from MSPCA-Angell after 40 animals surrendered from one Worcester County home

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MSPCA-Angell is looking for adopters after 40 animals – including 23 chickens, seven ducks, eight rabbits and two cats – were handed over to Nevins Farm in Methuen.

The animals came from the same “overcrowded” Worcester County home on December 1, where they have since settled – with the exception of the two adopted cats. Now, shelter officials are issuing an urgent call for adopters to take home as many of the remaining animals as possible, before the holiday season arrives.

“We are really keen on putting in the chickens and ducks before the holiday because adoption of waterfowl tends to fade during the winter months and finding homes for roosters is a challenge any time of the year,” said Rachel Dersen, an equine and farm animal program supervisor at the ranch. Nevins in a press release. “The number of chicken and waterfowl houses tends to be less than the number of dog and cat houses – so I hope that by spreading this news we will identify people who may not have adopted us before.”

As for rabbits, MSPCA’s Boston and Nevins Farm adoption centers will look after them until they also find adoptive homes, although they don’t expect it to take long. The “ear-resistant” pets range in age from one to two years and are described as friendly and social.

In addition to seeking adoption, the shelter also spays cats and dogs and returns them to their previous owner.

Those interested in adopting these wonderful animals are encouraged to apply at

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