Coyote Wedged into Car’s Bumper Treated and Released into Wild

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San Diego Humane Society officers rescue a wolf stuck in a bumper. Courtesy SDHS

A bumped and seriously injured wolf was released from a vehicle into the wild Thursday after nearly three weeks of care and recovery at the San Diego Humane Society’s Ramona Wildlife Center.

The fully recovered animal was released late Thursday afternoon at a San Marcos Department of Parks and Recreation site near the parking lot where it was found November 1, according to the Humane Society.

SDHS spokeswoman Nina Thompson said a passerby spotted a female coyote stuck in a hollow in the front bumper of a sedan in the parking lot outside a San Marcos supermarket and called for help, thinking it was a dog.

Thompson said the car owner did not realize the animal was trapped in the body of his car and was inside the store to shop when the situation arose.

After the coyote was cut down, she was taken to the Ramona Wildlife Care Center, where she was treated for shock and a seriously injured paw.

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