Famed scientist Jane Goodall warns against charitable Christmas gifts

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Leading scientist Jane Goodall has joined a number of others in warning against introducing animals like goats or cows this holiday season to people in developing countries.

Charitable gifts have grown in popularity in recent years, and some organizations allow donors to give livestock to communities in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa. one organization, Heifer InternationalHeadquartered in Arkansas, it encourages the gifting of live animals such as goats, pigs, sheep, alpacas, calves or female cows.

Heifer International says animal gifts are a sustainable way to feed hungry families.

“Giving an animal gift on the holidays is like giving someone a small business, providing wool, milk, eggs, and more,” part of their website reads.

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But Goodall says these gifts could do more harm than good because the influx of live animals could stress already strained water supplies in many developing countries.

“In the run-up to Christmas, many people feel generous and want to help those less fortunate than them. There are a number of organizations that have launched campaigns, suggesting that one way to help those in poverty and hunger is to give them an animal, like a cow,” It says in a YouTube video It was uploaded this week.

As a result, farm animals are bought in large numbers by generous donors. Unfortunately, this can lead to unintended consequences. Animals need to be fed and they need a lot of water, and in many places water scarcity is increasing thanks to climate change,” she says, adding that “veterinary care is often limited or completely missing.”

As an alternative, Goodall in the video recommends donors invest in community seed hubs, water irrigation systems, and soil regeneration.

“It would always be better to help by supporting plant-based projects, sustainable irrigation methods, and regenerative agriculture to improve the soil. Well, that means that charities should make plans to create a gift package that would attract the generosity of those who wish to help those less fortunate than them,” he said. Says.

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