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Finger Lakes SPCA: Bonnie the cat, and the importance of helping animals | Lifestyles

Finger Lakes SPCA: Bonnie the cat, and the importance of helping animals | Lifestyles

The Finger Lakes CNY Citizen’s SPCA

Every Friday, The Citizen shows a pet available for adoption from the Finger Lakes SPCA in central New York. This week, we’ve highlighted Bonnie.

Breed: Domestic shorthair, black

Comments: We first interviewed Bonnie in nearly eight years. We shared that interview three years ago. We thought it would be appropriate to share her interview again:

This is Bonnie. Bonnie is no longer looking for a home. She once had a home, but we’re not sure what happened to it. When Bonnie got seriously ill, she might have been abandoned. You may have escaped. She might have gotten lost if she had been allowed out. It doesn’t matter anymore.

Bonnie came to the shelter a short time ago after getting frantic calls that a very sick cat was at a downtown location. She had been there for several weeks, but no one was willing to help her. When we took her she was scared and bit the savior, so she had to stay in rabies quarantine for 10 days. It soon became clear that Bonnie had a massive growth in her mouth that was causing her severe pain and difficulty. Surgery and treatment were considered, but the result would only have prolonged Bonnie’s suffering. Sweet Pony has been released – and she is no longer in pain.

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We’re telling Bonnie’s story again for several reasons. Bonnie might have had a chance if her condition had been treated earlier. Not so. Bonnie was almost hungry until we picked her up and took her to the shelter where she was safe and warm, she had plenty of food to eat, people were kind to her and many loved her. We’ve also given Bonnie a final kindness – and she doesn’t suffer anymore.

Next time you see an animal suffering, please don’t close your eyes or wait for someone else to help you. Take action! Shelters, especially shelters on donations, simply cannot do this on their own.

This is Bonnie’s last interview.

Q: Who is your best friend?

a. I’ve never had one before, and unfortunately, I missed my BFF chance.

Q: If you could get a job, what would it be?

a. Funny you should ask. I would like to become a vet so I can help sick animals, like me.

Q: What is your favorite treatment?

a. The last treat I ever had was a piece of pizza someone threw for me. It wasn’t really my favorite – but it was the only thing I had to eat for a long time, so it was fine.

Q: What is the worst experience you have had?

a. I was sick and very scared and no one would help me! People looked at me with pity, but my sad eyes could not persuade anyone to take me to the vet. It’s too late for me, but there will be another dog or cat who will need help. Will you help them?

Q: Who do you prefer – adults or children?

a. I’ve used up my nine, but if I get another one, I’ll love both.

Q: If you could meet a famous person, who would it be?

a. Dr.. Albert Schweizer. He had a reverence for all life and that would have included my appreciation.

Q: Do you have an interesting fact to share today?

a. I’m afraid I don’t. Many other things on my mind.

Q: Do you have any tips for Citizen readers?

a. I think the last thing I can do is ask all my good citizen readers for help when they see a sick or injured animal. No shelter can do this alone – and they all need your help. My boyfriend cried at the shelter while she was holding me and told me it was going to be OK – when I knew it wasn’t really going to be OK. It was very difficult for her. Thank you my cat and dog friends, as I do, for all your help. Lots of love and happy birthday, Bonnie.

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The Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York is a registered shelter/rescue in the state of New York, registration number RR-181. Pursuant to Section 26-A, Section 408 of the Agriculture and Markets Act, a Registrant has the right to act as a registered pet rescue, pursuant to this Act.




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