Gorilla cage proposal to be sent to Infosys Foundation

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Mysuru: The Sri Chamaragendra Zoo Department (Mysuru Zoo) is back on track with new proposals to build animal pens with the help of companies, get rid of animals by increasing animal adoption fees and also get new animals from foreign beaches under an international animal exchange program.

At the 149th Board of Directors meeting chaired by Chairman of Karnataka Zoo Authority (ZAK) LR Mahadivaswamy at the Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Kurgale in Mysuru recently, it was announced that work will continue to procure new animals from various countries under the International Animal Exchange Programme. .

The meeting decided to send a proposal to Infosys worth Rs. 3.6 crores to build semi-natural enclosures for gorillas brought from Germany. The institution has already spent Rs. 3.3 crore on premises enclosures for 14-year-old Thabo and 8-year-old Demba brought from Germany. Generally, the enterprise will spend about Rs. 7 crores for attachments.

Mahadevaswamy told SOM that both Thabo and Demba are males and pairs of females will soon join them and the zoo will continue the captive breeding process. “We have now sent an offer of Rs. 3.6 crore to Infosys and they are ready to take care of the cages which will resemble the natural environment.

In addition, Bank Note Paper Mill India, Mysuru (BNPM) which contributed an amount of Rs. 70 lakh under its CSR initiative to build an enclosure for orangutans will contribute an additional Rs. 99 lakh to build an enclosure for a sloth bear and Rs. He explained 91 lakh for another fold of orangutans.

While 17-year-old Merlin and 13-year-old female Athena arrived from Singapore Zoo, five-year-old male Ava and 7-year-old Minnie were brought from Malaysia Zoo.

animal adoption fee

The meeting also decided to increase animal adoption fees at all zoos across the state. From January 1, 2022, the adoption fee for an Asian elephant will cost Rs. 3 lakh per year as against current Rs. 1.75 lakh. Adopting an Asian lion, a Bengal tiger and a giraffe will cost Rs. 2 lakh of current Rs. 1 lakh. Likewise, the adoption fee has been increased from Rs. 75,000 rupees. 1,50,000 if one wanted to adopt a chimpanzee, a rhinoceros, a hippopotamus and an orangutan. rupee. 75,000 should be paid in lieu of Rs. 50,000 adopt zebra and African leopard.

Apart from animals, adoption fees have also been increased for other mammals, reptiles, and birds. The rates have been changed from Rs. From 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 rupees. 10,000 rupees. 20,000 and from Rs. 7500 rupees. 15,000.

The meeting was attended by Chief Conservation Officer Forest (Wildlife) Vijaykumar Gogi, Principal Secretary (Forests), Department of Forest Environment and Environment Sanjay Begur, Secretary to ZAK Member BB Ravi, Members Gokul Govardhan, Jyothi Reshana et al.

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