Heart-warming video showing buffalo saving tortoise wins internet

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While the rule of the animal kingdom is survival of the fittest, every now and then we come across videos showing animals helping other animals. The quick wit and instinctive empathy of animals never cease to amaze people.

Videos like a Dog saves baby deer from drowning It is widely documented and shared. Recently, a similar video of a buffalo saving a turtle was going viral on the internet.

The short video, which was originally attributed to TikTokmanaskamran user, has been shared several times by netizens, including Indian Forest Service officer Mr. Susanta Nanda.

In the video, one can see a buffalo struggling to overturn a turtle that has fallen on its back. The buffalo succeeds in saving the tortoise after making tireless efforts. Notably, turtles can die if they remain on their backs for a long time as this position can dislocate and disrupt their vital organs, leaving them unable to move and also exposing their soft stomachs to predators. It takes a lot of effort for the turtle to correct its position if it flips over.

In the video, people can be heard cheering on the buffalo in its attempt to save the turtle. Both buffalo and tortoise seem to be in an animal sanctuary of some sort. According to a Twitter user, the video was taken at a zoo in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

This small but important act of kindness left people in awe. One Twitter user exclaimed, “Amazing how he knew the turtle needed help!”


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