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Room warmers are placed in the animal’s night enclosure

Surat: As soon as the sun goes down, two lions and their nine-month-old cub gather around the fireplace set in their night enclosure at Sarthana Nature Park and Zoo. The big cat family as well as the other animals and birds of the zoo have been provided with amenities to keep them warm during the cold winter nights.
With the city’s mercury low, officials at Sarthana Nature Park and the city’s zoo are doing their best to keep animals and birds warm and comfortable. While room heaters have been placed in the animals’ nighttime enclosure, heat-emitting lamps keep things warm in bird pens.
Zoo director Dr. Regesh Patel said that the nature park houses about 390 different animals, birds and reptiles. “Every year we make special arrangements to provide a warm atmosphere for animals and birds in the winter months. Recently, we have installed room heaters in the night pens for lion, tiger, leopard and bear.”
Aside from installing heaters, zoo officials take care of the animals’ diet. Weather conditions are closely monitored and in the event of a sudden drop in temperature, additional care for animals and birds is provided.
“The nature park houses about 200 different species of birds. We have installed lights to keep them warm. Arya the lion, the lioness Vasuda and their nine-month-old cub Keetho huddle around the fireplace after sunset. The family spends the whole night around the fireplace,” Patel said.

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