Here are the 13 Smartest Animals in the World

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Humans are intelligent and intellectual creatures. They can judge between right and wrong. They make their own decisions, feel diverse emotions, and get the most out of their lives. They also tend to feel superior in terms of their position at the top of the food chain.

We humans often overthink that they are the smartest creatures on the planet. But did you know that other animal species also have similar traits to ours? They are rational, energetic, and can also judge right and wrong.

What are the smartest animals in the world?

Do you want to find the smartest animals in the world? Read to know everything.

  1. Octopus

It is the only invertebrate animal in the list of the most intelligent animals in the world. Octopuses have a great tendency to escape from captivity. Octopuses are very intelligent and strategic.

From deliberately splashing water on its attackers to properly using its tentacles, an octopus knows how to protect itself from its prey. Octopi can even throw a stone at glass and also has the ability to open jars, no matter how tightly the screw caps are locked.

  1. squirrel

Cute and graceful squirrel. It also happens to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world. What makes it stand out among all other animals is its impeccable memory. Many researchers have already proven that the squirrel is a cunning creature that displays a series of tricks and strategies to survive.

For example, squirrels can adapt to living alongside humans, eating food from flower gardens, bird feeders, and playing carelessly. Squirrels can dig holes in minutes and pretend to hide their food. Not only that, but you may see him running to other secret places to stash his food. They use many tricks and techniques to find their food.

  1. Elephant

This giant creature is not only powerful but also intelligent. Elephants are believed to have a sharp memory. It makes it one of the smartest animals. They are actively socialized among their families and have also witnessed their participation in funeral rites for their deceased family members.

They feel emotions related to grief and grieve over it. Elephants also use tools and techniques to heal themselves. Sometimes, they get playful – they see them bathing in the river. To boast more of her qualities and intelligence, the elephant would sacrifice himself in order to protect his herd and the safety of his children. They are influential by nature.

  1. chimpanzee

Chimpanzees are our closest genetic relatives. There is no doubt that it is among the smartest animals in the world. They share 98 percent of their DNA with humans. Thus, expect to see many human-like behavioral patterns in them. Chimpanzees are expert tool users. Not only that, but they can also improve the tools to put them to good use.

They have wonderful psychological techniques. According to research, chimpanzees make incredible maneuvers. They can easily manipulate their family members to get any task done. They have excellent absorbing power. They are experts in teaching their young ones sign language. Their sign language conversations are fun to watch.

  1. Orangutans

Similar to chimpanzees, orangutans also have many qualities that make them one of the smartest species on the planet. They can understand the complex social structure very easily, thanks to their power of assimilating. They can use the tools and learn sign language and then teach it to their young children.

Sumatran orangutan (Bongo abeli) female ‘Soma’ reunited with male child ‘Forester’ (part of child snatch story) Gunung Luzer NB, Sumatra, Indonesia

The cognitive ability to understand why a particular thing is doing makes them a subject of research. They can improvise tools and are good at hunting food. The orangutan has a very nice smile. They can be trained to use hammer and nails. They can also use a hose to suck up liquids. Unfortunately, they suffer from habitat loss which is slowly drifting this species to extinction.

  1. Crowe

Numerous studies and research have described crows as one of the smartest animals on the planet today. Talking about animal innovation and mentioning this species is a must. Crows are very active and intelligent. Understand the change of light of traffic lights. Sometimes, they may also understand human behavior.

According to a study, crowns have proven capabilities for creating various instruments. Their sharp memory helps them identify animals and people, and sometimes they use this skill to their advantage, especially when these humans or animals try to harm them or their herd. One study suggested that the logical strength of this bird is comparable to that of a 7-year-old. Crows are avengers. They tend to communicate with each other and play games and tricks.

  1. Dolphin

This animal is a star attraction in many aquariums. They are cute and smart. They are counted among the smartest animals on the planet. Dolphins are fun and social too. They can surf, race, jump, spin, whistle and enjoy themselves in the ocean.

They have a well-developed language. Much research has been done to understand this language for animal interaction. They teach their little ones all kinds of tricks, crafts and even survival skills. Female dolphins make great mothers for their young children. One study suggested that they also have impressive absorption power. They tend to learn a series of commands from their human trainers.

  1. Mouse

For many years, mice have been used as laboratory research animals. Their brain may be small and not fully developed, but it functions similarly to a human brain. Mice can explore mazes, perform step-by-step tasks, memorize routes and escape their attackers.

They are very social. According to research, when mice are left alone, they may show signs of loneliness and depression. Not only that, but some studies have shown that they can be smarter than humans in some cases. They love to show off their skills by learning new tricks. Mice also purr and laugh to show off their happy mood.

9. pig

Many researchers have described domesticated pigs as the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. They display a range of intelligence traits. Pigs can solve mazes like humans. Besides, they respond well to emotions and understand them deeply. They are very good at understanding the concept of thinking at a younger age than humans.

The intelligence of pigs has been tested at many levels by scientists and researchers. They theorize that pigs understand abstract representations. They use their skills in different tasks. The best quality of these species is that they tend to compete for native species wherever they are taken. The pig can survive in any environment, thanks to its intelligence, intelligence and adaptability.

10. Dove

Just like the crow, the pigeon is also described as one of the smartest species on the planet today. Pigeons are ubiquitous, which is why they tend to adapt to all environments. Often seen in flocks, they do well on commands. They can also detect correspondence between images and objects and are good at recognizing individual human faces.

Put a mirror in front of the bathroom, and you will have the most fun. That’s because the pigeon can recognize itself in front of the mirror. They are highly intelligent birds. Their many abilities and traits speak a lot about their level of intelligence, compared to other species. Besides this, pigeons are also good for socializing.

11. Gray parrot

Almost all parrots are known to be intelligent. They are great imitators and act playfully when surrounded by their favorite humans. The gray parrot, in particular, is considered one of the smartest species on the planet. The African Gray Parrot can easily recognize colors, shapes and sizes. If this bird is trained, it can also speak English words.

Gray parrots often have a good understanding of different concepts. Aside from stealing things, they are eager birds who try to observe and then imitate things. It’s good to pet an African gray parrot!

12. Cat

You might want to call them ignorant, but cats happen to be some of the most intelligent of the species. The cat can differentiate between things and also has a sharp memory. If they like a person, they begin to act very cautiously around them. If not, cats often turn a blind eye to it.

They are funny. But some scientists point out the difficulty of studying cats. While domesticated cats are often known as intelligent creatures, wild cats cannot be the same. However, they all have one thing in common – curiosity.

13. The dog

Man’s best friend is also one of the smartest species on the planet. Domesticated dogs use their intelligence to communicate with their humans. They can understand and respond to emotions well. Dogs also show empathy towards their favorite humans and fellow pets.

According to a study, dogs have behavior similar to human behavior in many ways. They can respond well to various human gestures and understand eye movements without training. Dogs have a sharp memory.

These animals have sharp brains and inquisitive personalities. For more updates and information, stay tuned.

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