Horror and amusement after escaped Swindon snake’s four-day adventure

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The SNEAKY snake that escaped its home in Moredon caused quite a commotion in Swindon this week.

Wilson’s 2.5-foot python slithered through an opening in Abbey View Road and then exited before returning home, relieving owner 16-year-old Cory Hadrill.

Hundreds of people responded with helpful tips for finding the 18-month-old reptile, while others were horrified to discover that the snake was at large in their area.

Adver readers reacted with a mixture of amusement and horror to Wilson’s four-day adventure.

Emaria Hawkins: “Our snake did this, so glad it’s at home. They are the best escape artists when they want to.”

Greg Spalding: “And me! Even with the vents facing inward, he was able to get his nose around a cable and pull the vent into the viv, arium and it was off!”

“Luckily I only have a small apartment so I knew it wouldn’t be far. I found it inside the bass speaker for my surround sound.”

Dean Fry: “Have you ever received comments online that we should be prosecuted? Comments from someone who clearly doesn’t know the breed. We care about our pet and they let them roam when we are the ones to watch.”

Kat Kaiser: “Maybe on top of the tallest tree love life lol. I hope you find it.”

Jamaica Brit: “I wish he had his hat, scarf, and gloves on in this weather.”

Georgia Percival: “Our python survived the summer when the tailgate was opened wide for hours!

“I looked everywhere to find it was wrapped in a sack of dolls under the stairs – big children.”

James Fraser: “It’s a python ball game – don’t worry! These guys are as docile as anything else.

“Check out the warm shelters. You definitely won’t be on top of a tree like someone else said.”

AMY BLACKWELL: “The reason Dexter’s snake is called Houdini’s middle name.

“He managed to escape once and tried three times once by doing the same by pushing the vent outward, the clever snakes.”

Terry North: “He’s just a little kid, about five feet tall. Please don’t worry, he’ll probably only catch small rodents, etc. If he’s hungry but if he gets out of the house he’s going to die because it’s too cold.

“However, it was found so do not panic.”

Courtney Rose: “They can live for months without food and in the cold fortunately. But glad to find them.”

“Swin10”: “Keep silly pet – should be banned.”

‘Doxfords for ever’: ‘Wild animals of this species should not be crushed in a transformed fish tank with two dead rats dumped every day or so.

“If you want a pet, get a pet that can live for free. Not stuffed in a cage or tank. It should be sued.”

Deano Fry: “In the wild, ball eels live in burrows in very small spaces, which is what they prefer to live in.

“It’s a barn built specifically for reptiles, and they feed once every 1-2 weeks. What is the reason for the trial?”

“Bumblebee”: Glad the snake is back home. I have three myself so I know anxiety.

“As for the comments saying it should be banned, let’s hope they don’t have any pets themselves. Keeping any pet is cruel if you go by their logic.”

“themagicroundabout”: “If you keep an animal like that, you have to make sure that it cannot escape.

“I am tired of irresponsible pet owners.”

Ampcaah: “I think snakes are the worst thing God has ever created, and I definitely don’t want two and a half feet sliding around in my backyard.

“It doesn’t mean that other people feel the same way but that these pet owners should make sure that these creatures are unable to escape.”

‘MTRHedz’: “In the meantime, thousands of owners of potentially lethal dog breeds that have been shown to kill people are being allowed to walk them in public without comment.

“I would be more concerned about an eight-stoned bull-type dog than a non-venomous 2.5-foot-long python.”

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