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In Rajasthan, Peacock Refuses To Leave “Long Time” Partner After Death


Watch: Peacock refuses to leave

A peacock in Rajasthan followed his dead partner to the funeral.

A video clip now circulating online shows a peacock following two men who were carrying its dead partner away. The video shows a peacock who lived with his partner for four years, refusing to give up on him even after his death. When two men carried the corpse of Shrek Peacock, he quietly followed them to the funeral. Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan, who shared the “touching video” on his Twitter account, said the accident took place in the Rajasthan town of Kuchera. “Peacock does not want to leave the partner long after his death. He touched the video. Via WA,” Mr. Kiswan said, explaining that he had received the clip via WhatsApp.

In another tweet, he added that the peacocks have lived together for four years, citing a Dainik Bhaskar news article.

The 19-second video garnered nearly 1.26K views and many found the peacock’s gesture to “touch the heart”.

One user said the video was “touching” and showed that animals “have more love and affection for each other than humans.”

Another said that only a bird or animal lover could fully understand the pain of a peacock.

“This is what all of nature and its existence is all about. Grief and the followers of nothing more, be they humans or birds. A third user said that the way all living things grieve for their departed partners is as if it leaves a void in their lives.

Others expressed their grief and sympathy for the lonely bird.

Another “heart touching” person said, adding, “Whether it’s a human or an animal, they will never be able to forget someone with whom they spent their whole life.”

One user also sought to see if any protocol needed to be maintained since the peacock is the national bird.

Mr. Kiswan often shares wildlife videos on his social media to educate people on how the animals behave. Recently, he posted a terrifying video of a tiger jumping over the closed gate of a residential property to attack a dog. The tiger showed that the tiger managed to grab the dogs by the neck and jumped off the separation wall and escaped into the wilderness.

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