Jax the kangaroo reaches big milestone at Lehigh Valley Zoo | Lehigh Valley Regional News

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SCHNECKSVILLE, Pennsylvania – “He’s a very little brother, so he has two brothers here, he’s the youngest guy. He’s a typical kid, little brother, really looking for other siblings to see what’s safe or not,” said Maggie Morse, curator of Lehigh Valley Zoo.

And no, she’s not talking about a human being.

Meet Jax. It is a one year old Australian kangaroo. He is celebrating a great achievement. Jax got out of his mom’s bag and finally jumped around the gallery on his own.

“They are marsupial, which means that their babies are born in a pouch and we don’t see them come out of the pouch until they are older,” Morse said.

Morse tells us that Jax’s birthday was in fact in October 2020, but he wasn’t actually seen until July of this year.

But here’s the thing – they weren’t just born, ready for the general public to see. The crew at the Lehigh Valley Zoo needs to make sure these animals are healthy and safe just like real kids.

“Like a baby that’s born once it’s safe and the mother feels good, the baby feels happy,” Morse said. “We take that baby, we look at the baby, we make sure the baby is healthy, we give him the vaccinations. We weigh him.”

Once Jax was released, he was able to hop around the gallery which was curated to suit his needs. They feed him the right food and give him the perfect space with his family, as if in the wild.

“Working in zoo animal care takes a lot of coming and seeing cute animals, but it goes way beyond that,” Morse said. “They are wild animals and we respect that. We just maid them, their provider of fun, and do the rest to make sure they live a happy and healthy life.”


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