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The difficult lives of Icelandic farmers Maria (Noomi Rapace) and Ingvar (Hilmir Snær Guðnason) are energized by the discovery of a miracle in a sheep barn. But a shadow casts a shadow over their newfound happiness when the brother of former pop star Butor (Bjorn Helnor Haraldson) unexpectedly rises.

“what the hell?” Someone is uttering in the middle of the road lentil. They are not wrong. It’s impossible to classify Valdimar Jóhannsson’s slow-motion, almost uncanny absurdity, fusing popular horror, Icelandic relationship drama and black comedy into something impressively different. Multi-hyphenated but singular Icelandic Sjón and Jóhannsson co-written the script, who co-wrote Robert Eggers’ upcoming Viking flick Northman. lentil It has a lot in common with Eggers’ work, in particular the witch: a good sense of dread, a strangeness brought on by the environment and a dark sense of relationships between humans and animals. It doesn’t all come together, but it’s the kind of movie that benefits greatly from not knowing anything about it before getting into it. So, if you want to save now, be our guest.

Sheep (2021)

Jóhannsson sets the unpleasant mood right from the start: a herd of horses emerging from a white mist and animals darting at the sight of an unseen creature (ingvar Lunderg and Björn Viktorsson’s sound design starts because it means to go on: constantly worrisome). The land is owned by Maria (Nomi Rapas) and her partner Ingvar (Helmer Snir Gunasson), two hardworking Icelandic farmers who feel comfortable in the silence, a country that may have been caused by tragedy in the past.

after a slow start, lentil It develops into an engaging exploration of nature versus nurture ideas.

The film calmly follows the couple in their daily routine of chores and minimal conversation – spending time with them is a kind of test of patience. After the end of winter, the sheepdog Maria and Ingvar (a remarkable performance by the late panda, Daniel Day-Lewis) alert them of a rift in the sheep pen. The couple discovers a human (body) hybrid – a head (head), and instead of running into the barren hills, they decide to adopt the creature. They call her Ada.

after a slow start, lentil It develops into an engaging exploration of nature versus nurture ideas. Maria and Ingvar have raised Ada, an impressive mix of CG VFX, such as the idyllic scene threatened by the arrival of Ingvar’s wayward brother Pétur (Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, priceless for his slow reaction to seeing Ada for the first time).

Johansson, whose grandparents were Icelandic sheep farmers, has a sense of the environment and, in collaboration with cinematographer Elie Arensson, creates stark, beautifully disturbing images in paintings rather than pans and hops. In the final third, the film enters more distinctly scary territory, and even if it can’t come to an entirely satisfactory conclusion, Rapace’s compelling performance as the new mother striving to build a happy life keeps the absurd palatable and engaging.

Centered on committed and moving performance by Noomi Rapace, Lamb takes its long strides and skips with intriguing ideas, filmmaking and a unique tone of voice. Also includes some of the year’s best animal representation.

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