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Lincoln Elementary School students sat on their knees, necks raised to see what’s inside a small animal crate as Madison Dale, a zoo keeper at Riverside Discovery Center, attempts to expel a Spork opossum during a rally on Wednesday, December 15.

Spork was a bit shy and didn’t get out right away, but zoo teacher Kevin Plath told the students it was likely a Lily Spork.

“Nocturnal animals are active at night, and even now, in the middle of its night,” he said.

Plath went on to tell the students a host of other interesting facts about the opossum, including that it is a marsupial, carnivorous and not as scary as most people think. In fact, it is actually beneficial to humans, because one wild opossum can eat up to 3,000 ticks in one season.

“Spork looks really nice now, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t hurt a fly. But if you are really a kind, gentle and harmless animal out in the wild, you are an easy meal for predators.” So when he gets scared, Spork has to do He does everything in his power to look as scary as possible. …and so, a lot of people don’t care about their opossums, and the worst of it is that they don’t care, if they see an opossum crossing the road, they might not stop their car. …But the good news is that as long as we get more people to love opossums and realize how important they are, it will never happen.”


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