Lions Finally Recovered After Getting Shot With Tranquilizers for Escaping Container in Airport

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Two lions who were drugged after escaping from their container at Changi Airport on Sunday, 12 December, have regained consciousness.


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Where does black come from?

The Mandai Wildlife Group’s veterinary and quarantine group is actively monitoring the big cats, which are believed to be part of a shipment of seven lions en route to a foreign facility, according to the Strait Times.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of the lions, the organization has quarantined them in Mandai.

A Singapore Airlines spokesperson said on Sunday that the lions did not penetrate the container’s protective net at any time during the delivery of the cargo.

A lion was said to have climbed over the other’s cage before being drugged. Because of “commercial sensitivity and reasons of confidentiality,” the SIA refuses to talk further about the issue.

On Sunday, it was reported that an investigation had been opened. The airline will continue to seek “career guidance” for the Mandai Wildlife Group to ensure the lions are suitable for travel before continuing their journey, according to the airline.

The black leopard, hippopotamus, jaguar and African wild dog have all escaped their cages in Singapore over the years.

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Reasons for anesthetizing animals

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has requested that VICE World News work with the Mandai Wildlife Group, the organization responsible for managing the Singapore Zoo, to help ensure the welfare of the lions.

The lions had to be sedated so vets could safely transport the massive predators to their facilities north of the city, and the lions made a good recovery from the anesthesia, according to an emailed statement.

The SIA said scientists are monitoring the animals, making sure they are safe and comfortable.

A VICE reporter contacted Singapore Airlines (SIA) to inquire about the lions’ freight, as well as when they would begin their journey, as well as the nature of the flight.


(Photo: Yuri Ivashenko)

Accident investigation

An investigation was conducted by Singapore International Airlines (SIA), the country’s flagship carrier and one of the world’s top airlines. The SIA notified state media that it was running Lions Transportation. The zoo’s “carnivorous care teams” were also contacted by the airline to help resolve this issue.

An SIA representative stated that while examining the event, the welfare of the lions was the most important consideration. The airline said, in a statement, that there had been no disruption to the company’s operations, but it did not say where the giant cats came from or where they were headed.

Singapore is an important transit hub for wildlife smuggling from Indonesia and the neighboring countries of Malaysia. The global wildlife trade watchdog TRAFFIC ranked it as one of the world’s ten largest illegal trafficking centers, back in 2010.

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