Living Nativity in Fond du Lac spreads Catholic ‘good news’ to sold-out crowd of 900

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FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin (WBAY) – You don’t see a lot of goats, donkeys, or even a camel walking around Catholic churches. However, this evening at Fond du Lac in the “Living Nativity” of the Catholic Congregation of the Holy Family, that’s exactly what you would have seen.

The vivid representation of Jesus’ birth on December 5th hoped to get many Catholics ready for one of the busiest times of the year.

With roughly 70 to 100 choir members singing carols, the sound of the Christmas season rang out in the Catholic Holy Family community at Fond du Lac on Sunday evening. It was the start of their third live birth scene, which usually takes place every two years. But, like many other events, it was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For me every time I see this show it makes the birth of Christ a very real thing,” Father. Ryan Bruce, Pastor of the Catholic Congregation of the Holy Family confirmed. “It’s so wonderful to see our families who come here and the kids who come, how wide their eyes are when they see the animals walking into the church and when they see a real baby playing Jesus. It’s really a great experience for all of our families.”

The Holy Family is the largest Catholic church in the Diocese of Milwaukee with approximately 16,000 parishioners. Fond du Lac is the main location with five others spread across the region. Fortunately, it had the space to host the event which was all sold out to about 900 people. Many of the 5,500 families return to the parish year after year.

“I think it was the live animals that put it first,” said Sarah Razner, director of marketing and communications for the Catholic Holy Family Society. “Just being around the church and then the camel going down the middle aisle. I don’t know where else you see that. I haven’t seen it. Most of the people in the cradle are our staff. This is a great opportunity for people to realize that they saw our name in the flyer but you might not have seen us. Now You can put a name on a face.”

Nativity organizers hope that this vivid story will help in the spiritual preparation of community members for Christmas Day on December 25.

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