Lost croc captured near shop

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James Cone

Firefighters have caught a 4.5-meter crocodile that was found in a drain near a shop along Jalan Muara, Kampung Salar, Mentiri yesterday.

Firefighters found the crocodile inside a drain near a shop and captured the crocodile with a rope and a snake hunter. It was passed to the wildlife department. No one is hurt.

SO Murni bin Haji Misir, led by seven firefighters from the Muara Fire Station, responded after a call about wild animal disturbance, according to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD).

The Department of Natural Disasters said unclean places where rodents are infested are more likely to attract wild animals such as crocodiles, snakes and lizards. Abandoned and non-abandoned meadows may become a nesting and breeding area for animals.

The public is urged to notify the FRD if they encounter wild animals roaming around residential or commercial areas. The public is advised not to attempt to approach or threaten wild animals, to observe hygiene and to close windows and doors when not at home.

Firefighters capture a 4.5-meter crocodile after it was found in a drain near a shop along Jalan Muara, Kampong Salar Menteri yesterday. Photo: FRD
The images show individuals holding a crocodile. Photos: FRD

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