Mogo Wildlife Park animals safe from NSW floodwaters | Lithgow Mercury

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Muju Wildlife Park has assured that all of its animals are happy, healthy and safe despite the floods in Muju on Friday. Zuckerberg and Chad Staples said some lower pastures were affected, but that all animals were safe on higher ground. “Anyone familiar with a wildlife park will know the bottom is where our larger barn sheds are – it has a lot of water and the animals stand at the higher points,” Staples said. “We’ve been here long enough, and all these enclosures are built for this, so it’s more of a nuisance than anything else because everything gets more and more difficult until the water’s gone. The camping area is all underwater, and we won’t know ‘I don’t know’ What effect is there until the flood stops. “It’s coming on really fast, and there’s a lot of talk around town about how nobody’s seen it before, but I think the damage from the fires is having an effect.” READ MORE: The park reopens Saturday. Mr Staples said the zoo’s smallest animal, a baby giraffe recently named Matup, the Swahili word for mud, was safe and sound in a private field with its mother.” The giraffe’s home is just above flood levels, mother and calf are in their separate yard with full access to rooms sleep, so they’re totally unaware.” We called him Matope because when he was born, he gave birth to his mother in a big mound of mud, so that was a nice cute landing. “If he had been born today, we would have had to come up with a different name though.” Despite the torrential rain and flooding, Mr. Staples said some of the animals were enjoying the experience. “Rain is not scary or disturbing to animals,” he said. “The funny thing is that even though they have shelters, a lot of them are still in the rain because it’s not a cold day in the winter.” In a lot of ways, water is healthy – it cleans their coats, and allows them to shower like that, thank God all of these packs are built with these conditions in mind. All animals have the ability to get out of it if they want, and all we can do is watch the water. “Everyone is safe, and the animals always come first. There are a bunch of rangers in wet weather gear and headgear, but everything else is normal.”


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