[Monday Motivation] This engineering student is rehabilitating and rehoming animals since the age of 13

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Recognizing the importance of animal rights at an early age, Zabi Khan, a 24-year-old engineering student from Hyderabad, has set up an NGO named Barking Place Association (APTB)Animal shelter, rescue and adoption.

To date, he claims to have rescued more than 500 animals and rehabilitated about 3,000 animals.

“Animal rights are taken for granted in India, but the pain and suffering that animals go through is nothing short of being human. This is what gave rise to APTB” social story.

By the way, Zabi is also the world record holder for being the youngest animal rights activist.


For Zappy, it all started at the age of 13. A lover of animals since childhood, he came across an abandoned German Shepherd puppy on the road.

“The puppy looked sad and hungry, so I drove him home and called him Casanova. Four days later, he developed a high temperature. I took him to the vet with the help of my dad, who checked him and said he would be fine in a few days,” Alzabi recalls.

But even after they took Casanova home, the pup was a bit boring and the next morning, he died.

“I still remember that morning vividly and shivered. My father told me Casanova had parvovirus and was in the last stages; it might have been abandoned because his previous owners thought it wasn’t worth the investment in his treatment.”

“I promised myself that I would now not let any animal suffer as Casanova did. My life had purpose and meaning now and that is how it all began.”

And so in 2014, at the age of 16, Elzaby registered his NGO “A Place to Bark Society”.

shelter house

A place to bark aims to take care of animals. He deals with abandoned and abused animals, which had a difficult beginning in life. The NGO rehabilitates them, trains them and puts them back in the best families that deserve them.

According to Elzabi, the activities range from animal adoption, rehabilitation, retraining, medical assistance to injured animals, rescuing abused animals from pathetic conditions, creating awareness in educational institutions – schools and colleges – and orphanages, and providing food to animals affected by the disease. natural events.

Elzaby also convinced his college authorities to build an animal shelter on campus to make the college more animal friendly. Students contribute in a small way to the management of the shelter – taking the dogs for a walk or a shower.

“Every dog ​​and every cat we rescue has been adopted by wonderful families. Once we have a clear medical report on the rescued animal, we make sure it is rehabilitated. So far, we have rehabilitated more than 3,000 animals,” he says.

Defending animal rights

Elzabi claims to have covered more than 86 colleges and universities to spread awareness of animal rights and to motivate students to start their own social projects. He has conducted various events such as adoption campaigns and fashion shows to educate the public about animal rights

“Every animal has different needs. Some have paralysis of the legs, some have tumors, some have skin allergies, cancer, fractures, burns, road accidents, the list goes on.”

However, it is difficult for him to manage resources and funding and the activist now aims to raise funds through crowdfunding platforms such as Milaap.

He and his team are currently working on starting an animal ambulance, which will rescue animals in need 24/7 from all over Hyderabad. Furthermore, he plans to expand his shelter home from the current 200 square yards to a safe haven-like space of approximately 12 acres of land.

Since Hyderabad does not have its own animal sanctuary, Zabi wants to build one for all kinds of animals.

Edited by Sahili Sen Gupta


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