More Than 20 Rare Birds Were Rescued From ‘Deplorable’ Conditions In A Sherbrooke Home

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A search was conducted in Sherbrooke, Quebec, on December 6 by the Société protectrice des animaux (SPA) de l’Estrie, in cooperation with the Sherbrooke Police Department, resulting in the arrest of an individual for alleged animal neglect.

In a press release from SPA Estrie, the individual was said to have more than 20 exotic birds living in “unsanitary and crowded spaces as well as deplorable and unsuitable living conditions for birds”.

The release goes into vivid detail about how the birds are treated in this house: “The lack of natural light and ventilation, the size and layout of the cages, their dilapidated and filthy condition, and the lack of adequate food and clean water directly threaten the physical and psychological health of the birds.”

All of these reasons led to the immediate seizure of the birds and the arrest of those who allegedly kept them in these circumstances.

The individual faces charges of animal neglect for “failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter and care (section 446 1b StGB) to more than 20 birds found in their places of residence. Depending on the release, they may face a fine, “a ban from custody or control of an animal,” or imprisonment because of their negligence.

If you know anything about bird species, you might be interested to know that the bird species captured from this research include cockatoos, African grays, parrots, and other exotic species.

Fortunately, the birds are now safe and cared for by a team of veterinarians and animal care workers, SPA Estrie confirmed with MTL Blog.

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