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Jgood morning! Lacking female candidates for safe seats in the upcoming federal election, Australia could produce 100 million mRNA vaccines by 2024. We also take a look inside the only Indigenous-run drug and alcohol counseling center in Sydney.

The company partly owned by the Secretary of Energy, Angus Taylor, has illegally poisoned the endangered grasslands and must restore the original habitat, Ministerial review concluded. The decision follows an 18-month examination of the original report that ordered Jam Land to return the grasslands, and comes more than five years after the company poisoned the natural temperate grasslands of the southeastern highlands. Richard Taylor, a director of Jam Land, said the company is considering whether to appeal the decision in federal court.

Female candidates are over-represented in marginal seats in the upcoming federal elections, while safe seats for both major parties continue to be dominated by males., an analysis by Guardian Australia shows. About 60% of the candidates pre-selected so far to fill the 35 marginal parliament seats from both major parties are women. Both major parties’ attempt to increase the number of women in Parliament comes after Gender Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins’ review of House culture found that gender inequality was the main driver of bullying, sexual harassment and sexual assault in Commonwealth Parliamentary workplaces.

Australia may manufacture mRNA vaccines by 2024 under a deal with pharmaceutical giant Moderna. A long-term “strategic partnership” between the federal government and the government of Victoria and Moderne will allow 100 million mRNA vaccines to be produced in Australia each year in the event of a pandemic, starting in 2024 “pending regulatory and planning approval”.


More carbon is stored in the soil than in the atmosphere and all plant life combined
More carbon is stored in the soil than in the atmosphere and all plant life combined. Photo: Mick Tsikas/AAP

New doubts have emerged about whether Australia can rely on increased soil carbon to achieve net zero emissions targets After a government report found that carbon emissions from soil may increase as the climate warms.

Religious Australians will be given more freedom of expression than freedom of expression of a non-religious conscience under a coalition billA prominent academic cautioned. Professor George Williams argued that the religious discrimination bill “contradicts” international human rights law which “does not separate religious discourse from protection”.

Eight planned Australian nuclear submarines will cost ‘absolute minimum’ $70 billion and ‘quite likely’ more than that, with estimates that the total could be as high as $171 billion, including inflation, defense analysts say.

The proposed federal veto power over certain types of native forest regeneration has met with mixed reactions from farmers and industry, citing concerns that it will stifle their opportunity to diversify their income in a changing climate.

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A man searches for victims while climbing through the collapsed roof of a Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory in the aftermath of a tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky.
A man searches for victims as he climbs the collapsed roof of a Mayfield Consumer Products candle factory in the aftermath of a tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky. Photograph: Idris Latif/Reuters

At least 64 people were killed in Kentucky tornadoes on Friday, and 105 residents are still missing with the final death toll not expected for weeks.

The health system in Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse Because of Western sanctions against the TalibanInternational experts have warned. One expert said the Covid response has “almost stopped” and the country is battling six different disease outbreaks.

South and North Korea, China and the United States agreed “in principle” to declare a formal end to the Korean War, Nearly 70 years after the conflict ended in a shaky armistice.

Swedish Coast Guard officers investigate alleged gross negligence and ‘drunk at sea’ After a Danish ship’s crew member died, it capsized and another feared drowning in a collision in the Baltic Sea.

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The original Marine Wigley Centre
The original Marine Wigley Centre. Photography: Tony Hunter

Founded in 1996, Marrin Weejali is the only Indigenous-run drug and alcohol counseling center in Sydney. In Wiradgory, the most widely spoken Aboriginal language in New South Wales, Takes means body and soul, and clear It means essence. The goal is to unite these two into one person. The six Aboriginal counselors at Marrin Weejali are from Mount Druitt and “all defeated the drug ice”. Co-founder Melinda Bonham says that Indigenous peoples make good advisors. “With sadness and shock, you better understand others’ journey. Non-indigenous people feel like walking in the door.”

As a domestic violence survivor, Alex O’Sullivan has seen a lot of herself in the Maid series, and she hopes the interconnected humor throughout the show will attract more viewers.. “I hope others will allow comedy to define them as ‘the damned’ which is domestic violence and a flawed system that overcomplicates the lives of survivors because that’s something people need to stop getting away from.”

Having a big bag doesn’t mean you have to carry everything. Experts share some very practical tips on how to give your bags a long life, including simple things like taking an extra second to make sure the bottles are tightly closed. Jenny Velakoulis, owner of Evans Leather Repair, says she often sees bags damaged by water because “people put a water bottle back in their bag without sealing it properly.”

After a year of criticism for diversity, the Golden Globes came up with a good list of nominees, with Twisted gothic western psychological drama The Power of the Dog leads the group with seven nominations, writes Peter Bradshaw. Check out the full list of candidates here.

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The legacy of Pablo Escobar, Colombia’s most famous drug lord, has had an unexpectedly catastrophic effect on some of the country’s fragile ecosystems.. Free roaming a herd of more than 80 hippos, an animal breed that was smuggled into Colombia from Africa in the 1980s and now thrives in the wild. In today’s full story, Michael Safi talks to reporter Joe Barkin Daniels and vet Gina Paula Serna about Pablo Escobar’s “cocaine hippopotamus.”

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How Pablo Escobar’s cocaine hippopotamus became a biodiversity nightmare

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Ten days ago, Newcastle lost their season opener 3-1 to Sydney FC, a competition led by Cortnee Vine that served as a reminder of the Sky Blues’ talent and the Jets’ contrasts. Four days later, the club signed Emily van Egmond, and two days later he hit a 5-1 record at Wellington. “You can’t deny the impact she’s had just with her calmness on the ball and her ability to find things,” coach Ash Wilson said after Friday’s defeat.

Survivors of former US gymnast Larry Nassar reach $380 million settlement After a five-year legal battle with USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

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Barnaby Joyce says Julian Assange should not be extradited to the United States, Sydney Morning Herald reports. The deputy prime minister has called for the founder of WikiLeaks to be prosecuted in Britain or to be returned to Australia. Moreland City Council in Melbourne will change its “racist” name – derived from a Jamaican plantation that uses slave labor – at a cost of $500,000 between 2022-2024, according to reports. Omar.


More strikes are set to disrupt NSW trains.


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