Mother From India Rescues Young Child After a Leopard Snatched Him and Tried to Run Away

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India’s Leopard proved no match again Kiran Baiga. A mother rescued her young son after he was kidnapped by a tiger while they were sitting in their hut, according to CNN.

The cat approached the family and ran off with the baby. Then Baiga set off to work and chased the cat for one kilometer to get her son back.

“The lady was sitting in her hut with her children when the tiger came,” said YP Singh, field manager of Sanjay Dobri National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.

“It took the baby and started running away when the lady chased after him screaming, and more people showed up, so the tiger let the baby go and ran away.”

Fortunately, the 5-year-old boy survived the accident.

Singh added, “He was not badly injured, but the tiger’s teeth sank into him. He was taken to the hospital, and he is completely fine now.”

Sanjay Dupree is home to several species of animals. But like many national parks in India, there is a buffer zone where some live alongside animals, CNN explains.

However, this buffer zone is not fenced. And although the area is monitored, the animals still do as they please.

Singh notes that “a tiger does not care what the core or the buffer zone is. There are no fixed boundaries to them.”

“These forests are monitored by forest officials, but not every movement of wild animals can be tracked. You can only track animals with collars. Otherwise, animals move freely.”

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