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Mumbai: Hasan Sheikh, 32, was on duty as usual last week, delivering food parcels to Zomato customers in various parts of the city, when he spotted a dog in deep distress in Korla. With the dog visibly in pain on the road, sheikh called animal activist Vijay Mohanani of Bombay Animal Rights (BAR) to request an animal ambulance for the poor animal.
“Since an animal ambulance was not immediately available, I asked Hassan if he could arrange a private van or car to take the dog to the animal hospital in Deonar. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this type of Zomato rider himself grabbed the injured dog and gently placed it inside one of the bags his own food delivery.Then he drove his motorbike straight to Deonar, where he reached the hospital within 20 minutes of Korla.He didn’t even care about losing almost a day he paid by doing his best to help an animal,” Mahnani said.
Bar now estimates the Sheikh’s sympathy for the animals with a reward of 1,500 rupees to make up for the day’s loss.
When Zomato finds out why an elder had missed work a day earlier, they gifted him a new helmet, bag, and mobile phone holder to appreciate his kind gesture.
When TOI contacted the elder, he said, “It’s good to see people praising you for your efforts. However, I’ve been feeding and helping the animals since childhood itself. When I saw Corla’s dog the other day, it looked like it was either a car or someone had hit him so hard, so I could not carry on with my usual work after seeing this dog.Unfortunately, he was unable to do so after being admitted to the animal hospital; but at least I tried.
“He (Sheikh) lives in Mahul, Chambor and took the job in Zomato six months ago to support his family. I first called him earlier this year when he jumped into a gutter to save a dog. He is an active animal welfare person, so the Bar appreciates his efforts.”
When asked about his comments on the current scenario where several animal feeders are harassed by other locals and hated on animals, the sheikh said: “I feel that everyone in our society should live in harmony with a lot of ‘love’ (love) for each other. And also for animals.If you give one biscuit to a dog, it will become your friend for life.So,let’s all live with animals.


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