NJ governor ‘authorizes’ Santa and other silly Santa videos

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The internet is full of ridiculously funny Santa videos, from drunken Santas to stuck-up Santas and everything in between. You took a few to ease the stress of your vacation.

This first is my absolute favorite. It’s longer than the rest but it’s worth it. Santa Mall has the bright idea of ​​pushing down from an upper floor to a central plaza where kids and parents are waiting…and waiting. Because something is going wrong.

This is one here at Dirty Jerz from last year as the governor takes it upon himself to “authorize” and “allow” Santa Claus to continue coming to New Jersey to give gifts despite the pandemic. This may explain a lot in how much strength Murphy feels during the public health outbreak.

Speaking of pandemic, how weird are things about Santa’s visits in 2020? very! Here’s a video from South Jersey showing how poorly a social distancing visit with Santa can be. For the best taste, see from 1:45 to 2:00. In those fifteen seconds, we see a girl trying to talk to Santa from a barrier and Santa can barely hear her, followed by immediate control of hazardous materials using a bottle of sanitizer.

This is the one from Jersey where Santa’s sleigh crashes into the barrier of an airport parking lot.

You’ve heard about how Hoboken doesn’t want Santa Con back this year but the organizers are doing it anyway, right? Here’s an example of why five years ago.

This Santa fiasco leaves more questions than answers. Was Santa somehow caught on part of the garage door? Was he on the roof the whole time waiting for a different entrance from what’s going on? These kids want therapy for Christmas.

Finally, this is proof that you don’t need a Hoboken for Santa to get drunk. This is from all the way in Nova Scotia.

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