Owner of Notorious Beagle Supplier Has a New Shareholder: PETA

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The purchase comes on the heels of Envigo Group’s revelation that hundreds of dogs have died, some left to rot

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December 15 2021

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Norfolk, Virginia. Today, PETA announced its recent purchase of a stock in Inotiv, the new parent company of Envigo—a Virginia-based international dog breeder and laboratory supplier—which is currently causing a fallout. Revealing a compelling BETA secret Plus a subsequent investigation by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Purchasing PETA stock allows the group to attend Inotiv’s annual meetings and address the Board of Directors and shareholders directly about Envigo’s canine abuse and several serious violations of federal animal welfare law. PETA is also calling on the International Laboratory Animal Care and Evaluation and Accreditation Association to revoke Envigo’s accreditation. The National Institutes of Health is an Envigo customer.

Envigo confines about 5,000 beagle dogs to barren kennels and cramped cages in pens the size of football fields, raises mothers twice a year for up to seven years, and produces up to 500 puppies each month to sell for trial. A PETA investigation revealed that workers without veterinary credentials put needles in the heads of the pups; injecting euthanasia drugs directly into the hearts of the puppies without anesthesia, causing them severe pain; depriving dogs of a nursing mother of food for up to two days; spray dogs with high pressure hoses and leave them wet; And it caused dogs to suffer in other ways.

“The gentle beagle suffers at Envigo, and those who survive are sent to labs to endure more pain and misery,” said PETA Vice President for Evidence Analysis Dan Baden. “Now, as a shareholder in Envigo’s parent company, PETA will have a direct line with board members and shareholders urging them to shut down this hell and get the key off.”

PETA — whose slogan reads, in part, that “animals are not for us to experiment” — plans to push Inotiv to adopt a research modernization deal, which offers a strategy to end old trials and defects in animals and support modern, functional human-related research methods such as organs on a chip, tissue models 3D, supercomputers for drug screening and modeling.

Images are available from the PETA investigation hereAvailable video clips here.

PETA is opposed to species, the world view is superior to man. For more information about investigative news gathering and PETA reports, please visit or follow the group TwitterAnd Facebook social networking site, or Instagram.

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