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Consumer watchdog recalls swathe of children’s toys

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has recalled several games after tests conducted by the authority as part of a large-scale...

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10 Ninja That Never Made It Into Ultimate Ninja Storm

the last Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm The game was in 2016 Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Followed by a group containing climax ninja...

New Covid Pills Offer Hope as Omicron Looms

This strategy was a long way off, but success would have led to taking antiviral pills more quickly than trying to make an...

Red List 2021: worrying declines in iconic bird species

Another Asian bird species that was moved to a higher threat category this year is the Lesser Florican - the small bustard with...

Hundreds of animal ‘trophies’ imported to UK despite PM pledging to end ‘barbaric practice’

Hundreds of animal "trophies" were imported despite the prime minister's pledge to end the "barbaric practice". Remains of elephants, rhinos, tigers, bears, lions and...

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