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PDSA Vets explain what is upsetting your pets health

PDSA Vets explain what is upsetting your pets health

Dear PDSA Veterinarian, I have noticed that the Border Terrier, Terry, has cloudy eyes and they look very painful. What could be wrong? Bobby

There are a number of conditions that can cause these symptoms; These include dry eyes or iritis among others, but any will need a thorough examination by your vet. Eye problems should always be taken seriously to prevent vision loss, so you should take your dog to the vet for advice and treatment as soon as possible. While many cases can be treated with medication, severe cases may require surgery, so it is important to seek help for your dog as soon as possible.

Dear PDSA Vet, My bunny, Coco, loves to move around and explore her surroundings. However, she’s been hiding a lot lately – how can I be sure she’s happy? Raoul

Hiding could be a sign that Coco is feeling anxious, in pain, unwell or afraid – I recommend getting her checked out by your vet. If your vet gives her a clean bill of health, you may want to take a look at her living arrangements. Rabbits are social animals – they rely on other rabbits for reassurance, support, and happiness. If she lives alone and something frightens her, she will feel vulnerable to attack and won’t feel confident exploring. Introducing a new rabbit will be really good for her well-being, but make sure your Coco is in good physical condition and neutered before introducing another rabbit, unless you choose a same-sex mate. For information on how to tie rabbits, please visit: www.pdsa.org.uk/bunnybonding

Dear PDSA Vet, You just got a cat and not sure how to tell when it goes into heat? Nicole

Cats tend to experience heat in the spring and summer—their first season, or heat season, usually begins at around four to nine months of age, but can be up to 12 months old. Watch out for your furry girlfriend getting too affectionate – making a loud meow, rolling over and arching her back or heading into a prayer position, chest to the ground and down in the air, these are the most obvious signs. The heat can make the cat feel a little unsettled, so keep her playing and give her toys as a distraction. Be sure to keep them safely indoors until you can sterilize them, to avoid unexpected cat litter!

Dear PDSA Vet, We have recently introduced guinea pigs into the family and their enclosures are starting to smell of rotten food. How often do I need to clean it? Larger

Maintaining a healthy home is essential to keeping guinea pigs healthy. The smell is likely from uneaten food that has been left over, so you’ll want to make sure you remove any leftovers daily. Every day they should be clean and remove any uneaten food and droppings and wet areas. You should also get into the habit of removing soiled bedding, washing and drying food bowls, and moving your furry friends’ exercise area on a daily basis to keep the area clean. Don’t forget to do a deep cleaning once a week too – their enclosure, along with their toys and shelters, should be thoroughly cleaned with a pet-safe detergent and allowed everything to dry before replacing and adding new bedding.

PDSA is the UK’s largest veterinary charity. We are on a mission to improve pet welfare through prevention, education, and treatment. Support from People Postcode lottery players help us reach more pet owners with tips and vital information. This winter your support is vital for vulnerable pets – find out how you can help us give pets a fighting chance at www.pdsa.org.uk/pdsa-chance.



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