Servette Home is delighting consumers with its choice of novelty kitchen accessories and unique décor

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Online retailer, Servette Home is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers due to its modern kitchen accessories and unique décor.

Servette Home offers a variety of fun and functional kitchen decor items and accessories from classic salt and pepper shakers to cute salt and pepper shakers, elegant ceramic spoon rests, modern napkin holders, unique themed sets and more.

“Servette Home is the place to shop for unique kitchen decor and new accessories. Whether you’re a housewife looking to cover your basic food prep needs or a collector looking for a niche item, you’ll find it here,” explains brand representative, Rebecca M.

Our collections include flamingo, pineapple, cactus, fat chef, bear, elephant, and beach, and cater to a range of tastes from farmhouse, rustic, nautical, retro, and vintage. No matter if you’re shopping for a cottage, cottage, cottage, beach or home environment Summertime, we’re sure you’ll find something to fit your style.”

The selection of items offered by Servette Home is equally impressive, including serving plates, nut bowls with matching metal nutcrackers, napkin holders, napkin rings, jars, cups, jugs, paper towel holders, pot holders, stoppers, wine stoppers and bowls Sugar, serving utensils, bowls, egg cups, spice trays, and salt and pepper sets.

“It turns out that cute and funny salt and pepper shakers are hard to find. No wonder our amusing animal salt and pepper shakers are among our top sellers,” adds Rebecca.

Servette Home offers a great selection of salt and pepper shakers based on a variety of animals, birds, fish, fruits and vegetables as well as interesting items such as cars, tires, ghosts and figurines. Most salt and pepper shaker sets are made of high quality ceramic and hand painted. However, the online retailer also carries glass, metal, pewter, and polyresin salt and pepper shakers.”

“We have sheep, chickens, cows, crab claws, turtles, dolphins, and whales; even lions, tigers, bears, octopus, elephants, flamingo salt and pepper shakers have made their way onto our shelves. It’s a great storage tool, hostess gift, or way to enhance your personal salt and pepper collection.”

Servette Home constantly strives to innovate and add a level of imagination to each new item or themed collection.

“We’re always on the lookout for the upcoming trend. Our holiday-themed collections cover established favorites like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be sure to check out Servette Home to help redefine your kitchen décor with truly useful and unique accessories,” she says. Rebecca says.

“Servette Home’s modern kitchen accessories and one-of-a-kind decor items make perfect gifts for friends and family. We stick to our promise of quality and excellence with every purchase. So treat that special someone in your life or treat yourself and bring some life, love and laughter into your home,” she concludes. Rebecca.


Servette Home is an online retailer of kitchen decor and accessories. It offers a wide range of essential and new kitchen accessories and gadgets from classic salt and pepper shakers to unique collections.

This adorable Servette Home set includes serving plates, nut bowls with matching metal nutcrackers, flat napkin holders, modern napkin holders, napkin rings, jars, cups, jugs, paper towel holders, pot holders, stoppers, wine stoppers, sugar bowls, and serving utensils. Salt and pepper combinations.

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