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Welcome back, Meridian. Here’s all the local news, events, and community posts you need for Thursday, December 16th.

First, today’s weather:

Light and breezy changing clouds. High: 58 Low: 52.

  • Meridian Society for Humanity: “Miss Kimchi sealed her adoption with a kiss. Congratulations to Kimchi and her new mother! Happy life sweet girl” (Facebook)
  • Meridian Society for Humanity: “Adopter Deb Silon pampered the staff with lots of delicious treats and cats with treats, beds and toys! Thank you!” (Facebook social networking site)
  • Meridian Society for Humanity: “Thanks to Victoria Cabiga and some secret shoppers! Our animals have Santa Claus’s best secret!” (Facebook social networking site)
  • Meridian Society for Humanity: “We’re on our way to achieving our goal at the end of the year! Remember that your donations will be doubled until the end of the year thanks to some generous sponsors!” (Facebook social networking site)
  • Meridian Society for Humanity: “Every Tuesday in December is Giving Tuesday – our Pawliday Challenge continues. Help us raise $20,000 for our animals this month with the help of our Match Sponsors!” (Facebook)
  • Central Chamber of Commerce: “Of course these Meriden gems made the list!! Happy Holidays” (Facebook)
  • Cove Center for Grieving Children: “As the year comes to a close, we hope you will consider making a donation to The Cove Annual Appeal and helping us continue to serve and expand our programs in 2022.…” (Social Media Site FB)
  • Meridian YMCA: ‘Next in our draw will be the Wave Spa Atlantic Plus Blue Inflatable Hot Tub (4-6 Persons) with Starter Kit! The Inflatable Hot Tub is extremely portable and luxurious. Escape from everyday life and relax! Easily accommodates four to six people. …” (Facebook)
  • Meridian YMCA: “Need childcare for a vacation? Registration is now open for the School Vacation Fun Club. Participants in grades K-5 will enjoy lots of fun activities throughout the day including games, arts and crafts and swimming. Visit our website…” ( Facebook social networking site
  • Central Chamber of Commerce: “Share with our Wilcox Tech members. Must be ordered by 10am” (Facebook)
  • Meridian YMCA: “Cinnamon is the flavor of the season, but did you know that it offers many health benefits, including anti-inflammatories? #wednesdaywellness” (Facebook)
  • Meridian Public Library: “Last weekend, Yulefest was so much fun! The rain stopped nothing! We saw tons of creative vendors, played corn pits, watched dancers perform, and even met Santa on the train!” (Facebook social networking site)
  • Cove Center for Grieving Children: “This time of year can be especially stressful. We are here to remind you that stress can be managed just by changing your style. Take a step back, make a plan, and remember you got this! Happy Wednesday everyone! #Okay…” (Facebook )
  • Next neighbor, Baldwin Ave: ‘Memorial wall deco made of wood and aluminum. – Custom with other details.’ (next chapter)
  • Jacques Oliveira, Neighbor: “On Monday my brand new van was broken into along with 3 other cars at Club 24. The previous Saturday at 7:15 am 7 cars were broken into at Club 24. This morning car windows were smashed at other local sports clubs! It’s always the same Description in gray Au…” (correction)

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Chris Rattigan

About me: Chris Rattigan is a freelance writer and editor.

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